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A popular survival or "prepper" community podcast put out by Jack Spirko. Tagline: "Helping You Live The Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't". If I heard Jack correctly on a recent podcast, they have an audience of over 5000 listeners.

Recent show topics include developing a remote bug out location and permaculture.

Mark D Thomas sent this comment to Jack 20 May 2009:

Hi Jack,

Started checking out your show after hearing you on the Lew Rockwell podcast. I've been living the preparedness lifestyle for years and pretty much taking it for granted--your show is giving me some fresh insights and ideas!

You may want to check out Open Source Ecology at Factor E Farm ( The project is developing open source plans for the basic tools of civilization--the Resilient Community Construction Set. So far, they have developed a tractor and compressed earth brick press and are working on sawmills, furnaces, solar generators, digital fabrication, and permaculture food systems.

I'm a donor to the project. You're welcome to contact me for more info, but a better source would be Marcin Jakubowski ( or one of the other farmer-engineers on site.