There Was a Dream

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Do you want to do transformative work for a living? But maybe a thing called a 'job' - stands in your way? And Do you have the grit to partake? We've come a long way since the Global Village Construction Set TED Talk. Our Enterprise is open to the public, designed for world transformation.

Then join us on the ground floor, as our work is gaining traction. Wait a minute - there is no ground floor - or glass ceiling - in an economy of abundance. As that's where we are going.

Specifically - we are far along our open source franchise - building Seed Eco-Homes. Thousands of hours of development, innovation on modular design and build - engineering blueprints you can run with to build. All available for free.

Last year we started an apprenticeship for builders - an learned that for many people, building is too hard. So our response is to transcend and include - by designing for a larger build team. A full house in 5 days, with 24 people.

For now, we are delivering that which we promised as a central theme: surviving and thriving in the modern economy - should be trivial for all. Yet resource conflict and poverty is still mainstream. Somewhere technology - and more than that - human wisdom - has failed us. We still need mass liberation, not only from true slavery in select enclaves of the world - but slavery to a high cost of living - everywhere else.

The solution for us remains mass creation of right livelihood. Lifetime design products. Psychosocial integration on the personal level. And open source, collaboration -;as the new operating system for how economies work.

We're here to correct this. There is the Global Village Construction set, started 14 years ago, slated for completion by 2028. You want to be a core of the crew that gets there? Join us - as an entrepreneur, or as an Apprentice. The Apprenticeship is what we start - after our historic December 2022 proof of model build - building and selling himes on the open market. When we prove this - we'll be hiring. Scaling to our first cohort of 24 builders early next year - ideally to 240 by year end. Not to mention the Enterprise program. With economic model tested - we'll help others to do the same.

Buckingg conventional prejudice - that open source business models can't work. IP replaced with collaborative design - FATAIEOA.

So this i a direct call to the Enterprise minded. If you want your Enterprise copy - join us December to get an in-depth understanding of our build process. We've done most of the suffering for you - to replicate you will need entrepreneurial savvy that I assume you have - and the missing link will be a team. Which we can help you with - as an education and training org that produces rapid learning experiences.

What I am saying here is - if a job is getting in the way of your life's work - join us to work on the GVCS - in production or in peoduct R&D - as an Apprentice. Well teach you how to design and build anything -;# serious commitment. But we do have rapid learning of design/build that you can benefit from fully. Or as an entrepreneur - join us now before our Enterprise program is fully running. Invest in this experience - to unlock the opportunity to start up a company that builds 50 houses per year - a million dollar net program. That's where we expect to be next year ourselves, and the more people do this - the more affordable homes exist on the market. All of our blueprints are freely available. Why open? Because that's the only way to solve global problem. So we invite you to solve housing with you. If you do not believe in open, this may not be for you

For us - the above offer is that of - collaborative bdesign - for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. The above invite reflects this. Over the last 15 years, we have witnessed the coming and going of a dream. There was once a dream - called open source hardware. It shall be realized.