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  • How to Stop Worrying - Carnegie. And Fear setting - a stoic practice.
  • Elephant in the Brain
  • The art of learning
  • Conscious Business
  • Michael@questbridge.org. Tim and Reid are on it. Michael for Collab on scholarships to minorities.
  • Schwartznegger - wants renewable energy + after school programs
  • B - What School Could Be. [1] - - The concepts expressed in the book are nothing new and have been said over and over again. Everyone who is involved in education knows the best way to teach students is with deep thinking, real-word problems where students have the opportunity to create, analyze, and produce. Pick up a book by Dewey from the turn of the century (20th century...not 21st) and you'll see these same concepts. The problem is, the people reading the books are educators and not lawmakers, school board members, and the general public. Until this knowledge is brought mainstream, we will continue to see books calling for educational change because there won't be any. -
  • Ann Muria Ko - can enterprise solve problems
  • The Voltage Effect - science on scaling, saying that scaling is based on eliminating the weak link. By Jim List.
  • Happy City - by Montgomery [2]
  • On Writing Well
  • Strunk and white elements of style
  • Virtually Human - on emotional computing
  • Teenage Liberation Handbook, Alphie Kohn - on unschooling
  • Mr money moustache wants to do something with his money. He was a builder. Wants to build a village.
  • Richard Koch on Unreasonable Success - says his goal is to cause it.
  • Passages by Sheehy - on how life goes as a man
  • The Curious Mind - how to be curious
  • Liar's Poker - book on wall street quants
  • Relational Intelligence - ester perel
  • Skoll Foundation works on systems change - Add systems change to OSE School
  • Goethe - limits of my language are limits of my world
  • Jacqueline Novogratz - Patient Capital seminal thinker. Derren Brown came up in this re good intentions and people being manipulated.
  • Book - Radical Acceptance
  • Book - Black Swan - Taleb. Also
  • Book - Fooled by Randomness
  • Book - Under and Alone - book recommended by Katie Haun about going undercover to rise in gang leadership
  • Book Open by Open - story of Andre Agassi, apparently very inspiring.
  • Book by Pollan - How to Change Your Mind

Common Notes

  • 2 most important days in one's life - birth and point when why finds out why one is born (finding purpose) - Twain