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Find out actual event duration, desired interval for time lapse and more.



  • Note that Akaso v50 Pro action cam is somewhat unintuitive in clip shooting. You can set time lapse to 1 shot per second. You can capture at 60 fps and 30 fps. The fps will determine the clip length at the end. If the shooting is at 30 fps, then a 1 minute timelapse will take 2 seconds of playback. If it was shot at 60 fps, a 1 minute recording will take 1 second to play back. This is clear by putting in the corresponding values in the time lapse calculator above.

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Time Lapse Cameras

  • Olumpus - $500 - only 999 frames - [5]
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Low Light

  • High dynamic range occurs with full frame sensor. See sensor size - [7]. DX is 24mm, FX is 36 mm.

Time Lapse Calculator