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I want to add a new Time Log

  1. https://osedev.org/admin/user/user/add/
  2. Enter username.
  3. Enter email address.
  4. Select "Send Verification Email" in the "Emails & Verification" dropdown.
  5. Enter first name, last name and location (just the town/city and/or state and country for the purpose of mapping contributors).
  6. Check "OSE Developer".
  7. Check "Current".
  8. Make sure "Valid" is also checked.
  9. Click "Save" at the bottom and you are done.
  10. Let the developer know about adding the time logging widget to their log page.
  11. Add a new time log as this example replacing name with new username: <html><iframe width="600" height="500" src="https://osedev.org/wiki/name?start=9/1/2019"></iframe></html>