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Fri Jun 19, 2020

  • Connect to Michael McDonald
  • Connect to HAT Ponics - Ryan Cox
  • He's doing fabrication - lots of great work. Stays on the periphery, out of fray of fame and fortune, and nonsense.
  • Land-based, coastal, and deeper ocean are all relevant.
  • Aquaculture centric - invites OSE into ecosystem management circular economy deal.
  • Manu next
  • Rockefeller foundation grant - moving forward on it
  • Global Summit - will be operating at a pace.

Jun 15, 2020

  • Nature conservancy leader and consultant.
  • Cleanfish came out against the way conservation agencies did it.
  • Nature article - farmed bad-wild good
  • Not good question to ask is it wild or farmed - but is it artisinal vs industrial scale
  • Worked with Schumacher in the 20s
  • I am similar to John Todd, Tim says. mj responds - "Except he's not one bit open source"
  • Did lots of work on collaborative decision-making.
  • But what about complete boundary-crossing?
  • Seafood - industry determined the conversation for conservation people, and conservation people determined the conversation for ...
  • Lyndesfarne - lived there
  • Also did corporate settings
  • Did consulting firms