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Video 1 - [1]

  • Far lefties love that shit - they actaully like the violence. For example, lots of these specimens actually liked Hitler AFTER they found out who he really was. Right now, with Ukraine, the far right actually likes the violence. Wow.
  • Tell me what you think about Russia and Ukraine is a great litmus test for beliefs on many other areas.
  • Antifascist or anticommunist - predicated upon a positive outlook on the American future
  • [2] Russia is winning in the amarican mind, not on the battlefield.
  • The russian propaganda was fueled by 'we support war because my son died' - but that is a fake promise and will not last into 2025 [3]
  • Their version of victory is that the USA stops paying attention
  • Russia has authentic fear of US, as Russia is nothing like in cold war times.
  • Russian economy is 1/25 of EU economy. Facts: GDP EU $22T, Russia $2T.
  • The stuff we could throw away would be able to help Ukraine beat Russia - https://youtu.be/SLCyk41w9gU?t=3122
  • Ukraine is doing all this for us. Fighting off genocide, defeinding moral justice, what are we doing for them?
  • Agency - [4]. Local agency is difficult to understand from the empire nation perspective.

Video 2 - [5]

  • Clought Center symposium - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkhoWXak4J8 - Territory and Place - at BU [6] -
  • Why are ukes fighting? To protect borders, two is democracy. Not a contradiction - https://youtu.be/FkhoWXak4J8?t=924
  • Ukraine, not Babylon, was the cradle of civilization (6000 years ago) [7]. Nebelivka - [8]
  • Different than Babylonian temple. Babylon was walled, temples, human sacrifice. 6000 years ago. Contemporary to Babylon, but not walled. Scythians.
  • Rashyst - russian fascists.
  • 1/5 of the assydians and current ukraine warriors are 1/5 women. https://youtu.be/FkhoWXak4J8?t=1405. 'Small warriors with unusual pelvises' until 21st century.
  • Current Ukes have amazon and viking tats. Vikings made Kiev around 600 AD.
  • 4 reasons why ukes lose: 5:1 artillery; more people; no defense in depth; glide bombs.
    • Response: Rheinmetal has largest production of shells,
    • Best chance was in 2022 after Kherson, but Musk turned off the internet and US got scared of nukes [9]. Snyder calls Musk an idiot [10]
    • Kerch bridge is very important. Key. That's been known since greek times.
    • Wherever we give up, we will lose more people than are lost fighting - ukes say. Tim said 50% of people in Kherson were tortured.
  • Nato econ is 250x larger, so it's a choice that we don't make enough shells.
  • Primordialism - [11]
  • Victory is not removing every russian soldier from ukraine. It is what happens in moscow. They are related.
    • Ukraine is more stable on a footing of unity and democracy, compared to russia.
    • Ukraine can break, too. Russia has shown cracks already, such as Prigozin.
  • Explanation of why Russian nukes are a bluff - [12]

Video 3

  • 6 things that Ukraine is doing for the world - [13]-