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Marcin Jakubowski <> Attachment Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 10:13 AM To: Tom Woodward <> Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original Tom,

We may indeed be interested in having you here - potentially full time - but the reality tends to be quite different than people expect.

The needs of building a Global Village are different than what most people expect. It is at present a pioneering lifestyle, mixing primitive living with advanced tech. It is only for the committed pioneers.

With that said, perhaps the best place to start is our application. It discusses questions that reflect what the lifestyle is really like.

Please look it over, and if you think that this is going in the right direction for you, fill it out.

Other than that, we do welcome collaboration in developing products - bringing open source technology to life for unprecedented quality of life in Global Village economies. If you are interested in being on the Core Team for this, then we welcome you to select a project of which you are qualified to be a project manager. There are many projects, and each has subcomponents. Then you would perform the due diligence of product development as team leader - leading to prototype implementation at Factor e Farm - which is our collection depot for demonstrating the integrated ecology of neosubsistence.

Our present active projects are the Solar Turbine, Torch Table, Flexible Fabrication, Sawmill, Tractor, CEB machine. We are currently developing capacity to build steam engines, starting from metal casting. That is a key piece of making the Solar Turbine a reality. Please read our blog for more info on all these topics - just search the above keywords.