Tool Force in Milling

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Analysis of tool force indicates that feed force (force in the direction of feed) is only 20% of total tooling force. [1]. This bodes well for belt-driven universal axes, in that a 100 lb tool feed force limit allows for 500lb overall tooling force limit?

Not clear. Tangential forces are 70%. If tangential in direction of feed, this does not help.

But - overall milling forces appear to be on the order of 100-200N, which is well within the capacity of GT2 precision belt drive.

Published Cutting Forces

  1. Analysis of published cutting forces shows only 100 Newton scale forces. [2] We have 5x this force allowance with the Universal Axis.
  2. Lathe - Here we have 50-100kg tool forces [3]
  3. Mill - 10 mm ball mill - up to 200 N forces - [file:///home/marcin/Desktop/jmmp-02-00035.pdf]

Machine Design Strategies

It may be useful to divide machining drive into 2 regimes: bulk and precision. GT2 is used for the precision part. Heavier belt may be used for bulk forces, such as in lathing.