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Oxy-acetylene Torch

Source for the torch:


The term Machine Torch refers to a 3-hose or 2-hose oxy-acetylene torch nozzle that is used on automated CNC torch cutting tables. The 3-hose version features automatic oxygen blast, engaged via a solenoid. The 2-hose version requires manual toggle of the oxygen blast.

Add flashback arrestors to the regulator, as the machine torch typically does not have flashback arrestors. [1]


More Searching

Machine torch obtained on Ebay.


Industry Standards

  • standard 1-3/8" (35mm) diameter machine torch

Stepper motors

See Also Stepper Motor

From Xylotex.

Stepper motors:




Possible limit switch configuration:


Setting fractional steps on stepper motors:



  • 1/4" shaft
  • 425 in oz torque
  • about 50 W power usage


The XS-3525/8S-4 microstepping stepper motor driver is the perfect choice for CNC retrofitting of desktop and small benchtop milling machines. Connect bipolar wired stepper motors, power, and parallel port signal source.

  • Small Size 4.275 x 2.8? inches.
  • Drives up to 35 Volts @ 2.5 A/phase
  • 4 different microstepping step levels from Full-Step(FS) to 1/8 step
  • Filtered & Buffered Step & Dir lines
  • Built in DC-DC converter for +5V
  • Break-out screw terminals for I/O

Microstepping Truth Table

axS1 axS0 Output
0 0 Full Step
0 1 Half Step
1 0 Quarter Step
1 1 Eighth Step

1 means jumper NOT installed

The XS-3535/8S-4 Stepper Driver is a 4 axis pulse-width-modulated (PWM) current controlled bipolar micro-stepping controller.
Each axis drive has a +-2.5 Amp/phase @ 35 Volt maximum continuous Output Rating. The drive circuitry has thermal shutdown protection and crossover-current protection. Synchronous rectification circuitry eliminates the need for external clamp diodes in most applications.
Each axis accepts Step & Direction signals, along with 2 jumper inputs to define microsteps per full step.

The board is of 4-Later construction with Isolated Power and Logic supply planes. The drive circuitry has a heat sink attached to allow cooler operation.

Power Supply

24 VOLT 10AMP SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY from Circuit Specialist. Part Number: PS1-240W-24