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Torch Table
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We have created a fully-working prototype. We hope to soon have an improved, tested version available for sale. This will be used to make other tools, including The Liberator CEB Press and the LifeTrac open-source tractor.

The latest work is sitting here.

Our development log is here.


From Appropedia:

  • Arnar Mar Sigurðsson - hardware design, electronics
  • Smári McCarthy - controller software, GTP language
  • Mel Chua - firmware
  • Marcin Jakubowski - hardware design, open enterprise model, fabrication of turnkey XYZ Tables


  • CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO Yahoo group
  • DIY CNC Yahoo group
  • Xylotex Yahoo group

Development begins with collecting the development team. The goal is to spawn this team to a coherent development process, which follows the general due diligence suggested by the Torch Table Development Template. This template should serve as a repository of more-or-less finished work, where other pages should be created as work pages, and placed into the Category for the Torch Table.

New people joining the project should first view the status of the project at the Torch Table Log

The development process is peer reviewed. For this to happen, existing designs should be submitted to forums, such as Open Manufacturing, DIY CNC, CNC Zone, MechMate forum, Multimachine, Jobshophomeshop, CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO, and others.

Goals as of January 25, 2009


  1. Complete 3D picture with Blender
  2. Source any required additional parts for tracking
  3. Drill and assemble frame
  4. Attach guide rail and rack


  1. Determing Linux brand to use
  2. Download and burn Linux on existing computer, or purchase installation CD
  3. Install Linux on new control desktop PC
  4. Install wireless card on desktop PC
  5. Download Linux CNC and install
  6. Hook up motors, for command line testing


  1. Purchase XYZ table torch set


  1. Purchase gear for motors
  2. Install XYZ motors in XYZ assemblies


  1. Test oxyacetyle gas feed controls with LinuxCNC
  2. Test table motion

From February 2009

  • 2.21.09 - After reviewing the MechMate design for an open source router table, we decided to adapt a spring tensioning mechanism, v-groove bearings, and inverted gear rack for addressing debris issues. Jeremy is drawing up the new design. Marcin talked to Bryan Bishop, who is currently building out the bootstrapping Austin Fab Lab, and is the first open source fab lab we encountered outside of the Factor e Fab Lab.
  • 2.16.09 - Development forum was set up - join here: [1]
  • 2.13.09 - Jeremy updated 3D drawings; blogging about torch table; sent it for review to Jack C.*(
  • 12.9.08 - Materials laid out in greenhouse. Blogged about it: