Torch Table Specifications

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  • Consists largely of off-shelf components and stock steel profiles for structure
  • Materials cost of $1500
  • 1/16" accuracy over 8 feet
  • 1/50" resolution
  • 30 pounds of force on x and y axis
  • Single side drive
  • Simplest possible design for fabrication optimization
  • Accepts oxyacetylene or plasma torch head




X Axis Detail

Note a 1 1/4 inch square cold-rolled rail, to which a gear rack is attached. A small angle holds the roller cam on top of the cold-rolled rail.


Gear rack is attached to cold rolled rail. Spring tensioning of stepper motor plate is used. Stepper motor plate is attached to the gantry through a bearing to allow rotation, for spring tensioning . Torchtablesimple4.jpg