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  1. An open source ecology ninja must understand all unit systems, not just one system - because our scope is global. We work with whichever unit is most convenient at a working location.
  2. Kg is a unit of weight - but multiplied by acceleration it is a force. Confusion - people use kg and kg force (or lb and lb force) interchangeably, so one needs to understand what sense the unit is being used in.
  3. Imperial and metric conversion is confusing
  4. Eventually, we want to aim for Degeneracy in units as we standardize to one system. MKS makes sense, as it is based on fundamental physical quantities.

Examples of Calculators

  1. kg cm to oz in - [1]. Units are consistent between kg cm and oz in.
  2. in lb to N m - [2]. Units are inconsistent - this really means in lb force to N m
  3. kg m force to ft lb force - [3]. Units are consistent.
  4. oz in to N cm - [4]
  5. oz in to ft lb - [5]