Tote Camlock Adapter

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On the IBC fittings, can’t find a 3D printable version, but we can get everything in St Joe. I checked availability and Tractor Supply only has two of these fittings, but that’ll give us two tanks to start with. Home Depot has the other parts in stock:

Camlock to 2” NPT 2” NPT to 2” PVC slip 2” to 3/4” PVC reducer bushing ¾” brass faucet with hose bibb These two videos show the set-up:,

On the plowing, should I continue doing the main lines while the ground is still wet? Supposed to be sunny from Tuesday on. You might wanna have a look at it before I do more - I’m having to wiggle from side to side quite a bit to get the tracks unstuck, so the line’s not particularly straight, not sure how much of a problem that is.

Also, let me know what you’re thinking for the schedule, if I’m leaving this week I need to book my bus tickets. If you want me to stay for a bit to help with the planting that’s fine, but let’s work out the pay and hours expectations so everything’s clear.