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How do we build an industrial system that contains all human technology practice, on a single parcel of farm-sized land?


At Level 1, we have Steel-Concrete-Plastic infrastructure - + CEB and Lumber at another $50k a pop. This builds upon OSE Campus#New Industrial System Narrative

Initial cost was $750k. Add $50k, and double it - and we have $1.6M in as-built cost for infrastructure that gets us virgin steel and plastic from scrap, and concrete from rock. Coupled with lumber and CEBs, so we can build housing for free.

If we have virgin steel infrastructure, we likewise have virgin aluminum infrastructure, which is as simple as melting aluminum.

At level 2, we must add

  1. Precision machining for the Open Source Stackable Engine
  2. Silicon production from quartz sand, and upgrading to microchips, and including transistors for power electronics
  3. Hydrogen production as the new fuel. Good if this happens within 1 year, otherwise if roadmap is several years, then pyrolysis oil or compressed wood gas may be the answer.
  4. Glass production for PV. Recycled EVA completes the need for PV.

So distinctly, there is steel/aluminum/zinc/chromium/vanadium, concrete, plastic, lumber, earth - then precision machining, hydrogen, glass, semiconductor.

The former are $1.6M open source price ticket, and the latter are $1M each. Total of $5.6M for modern technology.

Working Doc - The Tower of Wisdom