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  1. electronic fuel injection, thus fully adjustable timing. See Arduino Speed.
  2. common rail
  3. piston-wise stackable with common fluid channels and fins for cooling.
  4. Modular fans for cooling
  5. Direct hydraulic drive, independent pistons. Combined at output.
  6. Pistons are independent but balanced in pairs
  7. Independent operation means you can fire from 1 to n pistons at a time
  8. Cutoff optimized for high efficiency, cutoff fully controllable with position sensors.
  9. Low speed for long life, 300 RPM and under.
  10. Viable for planes, trains, and automobiles
  11. Base unit is 1kW
  12. Larger unit is 10kW per.
  13. Pistons are 3" typ for 10kW
  14. Each block is 4" wide
  15. Each block is sideways stackable and operable in any orientation (upside down)
  16. v12 is 2 rows of 6, and thus 24" long
  17. Blocks can operate from single to infinitely scalable.
  18. Scaling (fluid combining) occurs at control valve or plumbing before valve
  19. Starter consists of slow fluid injection into piston to obtain near top dead center. Rotation can be clockwise or counterclockwise at the level of each engine unit. Pressure piston acts both as driver and driven.
  20. Arduino electronic fuel injection, not compression ignition, to simplify startup.
  21. Can run on charcoal, with advantage of startup powering only a few cylinders.
  22. Variants are designed for Biodiesel, Biokerosene, Biogasoline - with ignition timing modification, compression ratio modification, and stroke length modification.
  23. Same block design can accept different cylinder bores.