Tractor Replication in Peru

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Sorry for the delay of my answer but we had lot of work to do with the machine.

I am sending you attached some pictures of the machine construction, you can find in page 35 how far we are in the design. At the moment, we are finishing the cabine construction, the electric system, wheel chains, and painting. I’ll send you the final pictures for sure.

In our design documents, we will put the licence CC-BY-SA and OSE logo, as the design was inspired by Lifetrac. For reference, we will refer the link of Lifetrac Genealogy.

Next week we will make precise tests of the machine and make the necessary adjustements.

If you wish to communicate on this LifeTrac duplication – adapted for Peru context - please use the following informations:

Project Wanamei

Haute Ecole Arc Engineering

User Centered Product Design Department

Neuchatel – Switzerland (in english soon)

I will keep in touch with you refering to the plans and design documents.

Best regards,

Laura Maillard

Maillard Laura <>