Transcript The Trillion Dollar Economy of Printing Housing from Trash

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resource trillion dollar economy of converting trash to houses

transcript with notes (as bullets) and video timing

00:00 recording economic value 00:04 of 3d printing from trash

  • 00:07 given 150 just the review 150 million 00:10 tons of waste plastic are generated per 00:12 year which is enough for about 50 million houses at 10 tons of trash per house i'm speaking bluntly

00:20 here 00:22 because these are going to be beautiful 00:23 houses

  • 00:26 and if you multiply that by 50000 that we can make per after cost this this is our current model that it's about 50k cost 50k revenue on top of that we're making 750 billion out of 15 million 15 million times 50 000 is 750 billion

00:50 now that's significant and what's the 00:52 argument on can we capture even a small 00:54 fraction of that 00:56 well it's entrepreneurial savvy 00:59 if we can pull off this contest yeah 01:03 yeah absolutely so i think it there's no 01:06 short answer outside of focus hard work uh but

  • 01:09 we don't have to do it alone this is the purpose of collaboration that's if we can if we can collaborate to do this that's the that's the kind of message we got to be putting out the it's a 750 billion dollar market

01:22 right now that's not being tapped it's 01:24 ending up polluting our environment 01:26 let's do something about it people and 01:29 organize so our challenge i think 01:32 a lot is to communicate that message 01:34 effectively 01:36 like so you said we already have the 01:38 infrastructure you have the 01:40 plastic shutter and you can you know we 01:42 can make the printer 01:43 well there is bigger scale yeah yeah we 01:46 have i mean 01:47 you have to be careful kind of like how 01:48 you say that because we we do and we 01:50 don't 01:50 right we have to develop to that level 01:53 um 01:54 but i think all the indications are 01:55 there that that it's quite doable and 01:57 we can definitely on paper see that okay 01:59 you do this and you get this result so 02:01 we can engineer a system that does that 02:02 so i think 02:03 it's quite doable but then to get to 02:05 those prototypes and 02:07 machines that are robust and work well 02:09 that takes the effort and that's

  • 02:09 that's where we need the collaboration because just like in software it takes hundreds and thousands of iterations until you get it absolutely right it's that's just the development process

02:19 that's the nature of it so 02:21 that's where we're at on it i'd love to 02:23 see the 02:24 uh also the like for earthen printing 02:27 like we do compressed earth block but 02:29 you know imagine chewing up the saw and 02:30 adding concrete that you generated from 02:32 local 02:33 local rock on site very interesting and 02:37 especially relevant to other planets if 02:39 you can do that on other planets like 02:41 people are talking like okay mars well 02:43 how are you going to do it there you're 02:44 going to have to do something like that

  • 02:48 did you see the challenge that nasa put out recently to 3d print mars habitats

02:52 oh yeah yeah i've seen a little bit of 02:54 that mm-hmm yeah 02:56 they were making like egg-shaped houses 02:58 yeah and um 03:00 yeah i'd be curious like you know with a 03:02 discussion before about proprietary like 03:04 okay is the result open or is it just 03:06 the proprietary effort 03:08 are they going to actually publish that 03:10 i think they're going to publish 03:12 but if you look at that contest i don't 03:14 think it's collaborative 03:15 i haven't seen anything else that's not 03:16 been it was strictly competitive 03:19 yeah so let's do better and see see what 03:22 we can do 03:22 but i mean i don't know i don't 03:24 understand why people don't get that 03:25 part 03:26 do we think that actually people are 03:28 will not be motivated because they're 03:29 collaborating 03:30 i don't think so maybe we got a um 03:34 maybe it's a block for some people but 03:36 in general i don't think that's the 03:38 block 03:39 um so that still is a live question why 03:41 aren't people 03:42 designing these contests to be 03:43 collaborative what do you guys think 03:46 people are afraid of being copied but 03:49 most people aren't going to go and copy 03:50 your work 03:51 this weird mental model people have 03:54 that you can only do that in a 03:55 proprietary way and there is 200 years 03:57 of proprietary 03:58 industrial history which influences the 04:00 way people think 04:01 but it's so funny to see people trapped 04:03 in that like people just can't believe 04:05 that and 04:06 yeah but i think there's there's also 04:08 been a lot of difficulty developing 04:11 business models around open source 04:12 hardware um 04:15 that's right i mean there's been like

  • 04:18 like i had mentioned in another day that there had been different projects that they were successful at first and then texas instruments decides you know we can do this at scale at a cheaper price than they can and then all of a sudden they uh realize okay now that texas instruments is in the game we have to develop niche products and so i think there needs to be more creativity around creating business models that work for open source hardware

04:49 yeah so i think part yeah yeah no that's 04:53 true though 04:54 and we have to design some of that into 04:55 this saying this is how the revenue 04:57 model would work 04:58 at the end of the day so one is the 04:59 developing developing incentive 05:01 challenge that christian was saying 05:03 second one is okay if we build these 05:04 houses 05:06 uh what about it makes it that 05:10 it's not it's going to get sucked up by 05:13 an evil corporation 05:16 well i think it's the simple fact that 05:18 it's open source and 05:19 decentralized we're designing a 05:21 decentralized product a collaborative 05:24 product so we have to 05:26 the people we absorb into the the effort 05:28 they have to get the idea that we're 05:30 collaborating 05:31 and um 05:36 there's one there i mean there's 05:37 definitely revenue right 05:39 right there's money involved but then 05:41 it's to really solve 05:42 a problem a pressing issue i mean that's 05:44 the 05:45 that's really the bulk of the yeah 05:49 um well is it the fact that 05:53 um it will be potentially a niche 05:56 product because

  • um i don't know if you can take plastic lumber and build in a city part of it is getting uh this contest is gonna involve stuff like getting certification that's where this becomes bigger than i mean this is big like just like boxable there they got their stuff certified and stuff like that that's part of it that's that's going to be part of the business development pushing for the changes that are necessary to be able to build in a way and not even change

it's 06:26 safe it's still works not even changes 06:28 it's just 06:29 certification here's a stamp that says 06:31 this is a legit product yeah 06:33 yeah i mean we that's part of the game 06:35 because uh so we're innovating on 06:37 several fronts here 06:39 but all the due diligence like any 06:40 company we're solving business problems 06:42 that's a business problem for anybody 06:44 right like okay is that gonna be just 06:46 like boxable i had a business problem 06:47 can they certify their house so they 06:48 don't have to mess with codes a lot 06:50 right 06:51 this is nothing different than industry 06:53 standard but 06:54 the point is we have to do those steps 06:56 they're part of the game

  • 06:58 and that's why we need so many people and so much collaboration so we're designing the business model around that i think the the short answer to the question okay now what's the revenue model around it we're designing i think the short answer is we're designing for distributed production so the business model is based on here you you have about 5 000 or 10 000 in capital maybe more but we're reducing the capital barriers way down right build one house and you pay back for this

07:28 the challenging part is getting that 07:29 technology to the point that it's ready 07:31 for prime time 07:32 that you can just relatively simply go 07:36 either have like a community facility 07:37 where oh yeah i'm gonna rent this 07:39 facility for a few days i'm gonna make 07:41 my uh panels 07:42 that could be a business model you have 07:44 to design it in um 07:46 however we do it but like up front you 07:49 can think creatively and say okay 07:50 whether it's a 07:51 community-based manufacturing facility 07:54 business model 07:55 or it's entrepreneurs just going off 07:57 independently around the world some 07:59 franchise 08:00 open franchise training operation how 08:02 are you going to roll it out

  • 08:03 we have to think about we have to propose some solutions on that so so i would say that's like business development here's some value propositions we're creating and pursuing actually executing on those value propositions here's the operations that substantiate that and this is the the dollars we're gonna see and make a livelihood while absolutely collaborating the whole time

08:23 right so uh it's all new because people 08:27 don't think about this 08:29 but that's great it's an opportunity 08:31 it's a challenge and an opportunity 08:32 everything is that like that 08:36 we have to give some thought to that and 08:38 we already are 08:39 and we're moving this forward so this is 08:40 good yeah 08:43 and i'm recording this so we can uh have 08:46 other people contribute to this 08:48 and ideally we would have this this 08:50 effort accrete 08:52 enough mass that we solve it and i and 08:55 the 08:56 the lubricant here is the incentive 08:59 challenge 09:00 hopefully so we'll see so i think for me 09:02 i could probably be doing things like 09:04 okay let's get let's contact some 09:05 sponsors i'm in a ted community 09:08 i'm in the shuttleworth fellows 09:09 community like i got some access to 09:12 to resource that i could say hey people 09:13 this is this is worth doing 09:15 so we have to attract them with this is 09:16 purpose we got purpose 09:19 and this is a big hairy audacious goal 09:22 it's worth solving we we asked 09:24 a good question this is the this is what 09:26 we can 09:27 propose to the world and then pursue 09:31 getting additional support yeah 09:34 and we you know we're actually doing 09:36 this stuff we're not just dreaming about 09:37 this we're building these universal axes 09:39 and extruders and high temperature 09:41 chambers we can 09:41 weld and 3d print and and cad design and 09:44 we've got a posse of us here in the 09:46 summer that are doing it that's 09:48 that's already a great start we've got 09:50 some something going on we're not just 09:53 bluffing we're not kidding here this is 09:56 possible 09:58 yeah that's great 10:01 it's really promising yeah it is it is i 10:03 am quite excited so i'm ready i'm ready 10:05 um 10:06 it's 10 46 i'm gonna stick around a 10:08 little more we'll break for lunch and 10:10 let's reconvene at 10:11 at one but i mean we're still going a 10:13 little more but i think what i could do 10:14 definitely 10:15 the value i could add by all means is 10:17 try to see when we can get that 250 10:20 raise that 100 to 250. so

10:23 maybe you guys can help me uh write 10:25 write that message so the messaging is 10:26 key and stuff like that um you guys 10:29 actually writing right now or 10:30 like getting the ideas down or you're 10:32 studying the system yeah

10:34 um i made a wikipedia just to kind of 10:37 know 10:38 the different things we're talking about 10:39 it's like the engineering effort the 10:41 revenue business model 10:43 the collaborative effort between the 10:44 individuals that come here 10:46 and i guess maybe the mindset 10:51 can you link that from this document 10:52 because this is uh or 10:54 did you see you missed it but there was 10:56 a page um there's another link 10:58 to yeah 11:02 no we just someone put up a template 11:06 david who joined us he put a template 11:09 for today's day and that was one i think 11:12 120 design lessons 11:14 day three let's share that in the log 11:17 let's 11:18 share it in the chat i just linked 11:21 directly from my page but i'll i'll just 11:23 add it in there just 11:25 so we all day three okay so click on 11:28 that link 11:28 for day three and 11:32 let's do this like on the let's have 120 11:35 pages like this at the end of the day 11:37 but inside each you got the working doc 11:40 you got like the video for the day all

11:42 the notes that people 11:43 took and stuff like that so we could do 11:44 a little template on that 11:46 um let's do that so um and we already 11:49 got it we got that seated until 11:51 day nine so far just a little seed but 11:54 we can improve that and get the template 11:57 up to up to speed

  • 11:57 uh what do you think about arrow like aero aircrete eric aerated concrete what kind of applications do you think that could have yeah that's pretty good it's um but it's the more air you put in and the weaker it is so that's kind of the trick to it maybe you don't do structural with it if it's too airy and um i've never done it so i can't i can't really comment much about it idea sounds right especially once again if we go to the solar concrete part so i think with the concrete in general there's the idea that okay here we have a lot of lime but what else do we got to put in it to make it i think there's a lot of innovation between there's like geopolymers concretes and stuff like that like i don't think we humanity knows anything about that stuff it's like i think there's so much room for innovation around around that just the materials side because cement companies are going to be doing that forever like they're industry standard right now they're

13:19 i think they're innovating too much 13:22 so that's like the citizen science and 13:25 getting people involved in this once 13:26 again open 13:27 open engineering or public engineering 13:29 as i say 13:31 that could benefit everybody um 13:34 like geopolymers man that's that's a 13:36 whole class of other stuff 13:38 um if done in a decentralized way or 13:43 or just more research around it for 13:45 various different options just like with 13:46 anything like technology of course 13:48 always improves and 13:50 imagine if we really unleash that kind 13:51 of creative power to 13:53 to to do what's really possible because 13:56 right now we think we're amazing 13:58 and all that we've got computers but 14:00 we'll look back a hundred years from now 14:02 and be like wow that was dumb 14:05 stuff like that i mean that's that's 14:08 just uh that's just progress and 14:10 we want to use use whatever we got in a 14:12 wise way and we always say that 14:14 use what already exists uh don't don't 14:17 need to 14:18 invent anything new right now if we just 14:20 used what what really works right now 14:22 we'd already be good 14:25 so yeah 14:31 good stuff good stuff 15:02 and my other question is where are 15:03 people throwing up any videos like are 15:05 you 15:05 you guys that uh putting any of that on 15:07 i'm putting all my stuff on 15:08 on the osc or my channel um 15:12 people are we should be linking once 15:14 again the main page the 15:15 120 design lessons day three like we 15:18 should have links to all people's 15:19 other videos if you can put it up which 15:22 you did yesterday 15:23 just keep throwing stuff up to youtube 15:24 just an easy way to do it 15:26 because then we can go back to it and if 15:28 you think it you know might not have a 15:29 lot i mean we can study it like 15:31 i did the time lapse yesterday we can 15:32 study that for information and 15:34 get insights and media out of that so 15:37 just i mean just get it up there 15:39 and that was the purpose of the oc video 15:41 assets page just 15:42 get um get links to everything there 15:46 but for now we can do definitely that 15:48 supports our learnings right now day 15:50 three 15:50 okay here's media that we can feed into 15:52 it and we can pick from that 15:54 later on you know even if it seems like 15:56 a bunch of random stuff 15:57 someone who's a good editor can make 15:59 gold out of that you know 16:01 yeah that was the idea yeah i was trying 16:04 to shoot 16:05 as much i just started yesterday 16:07 shooting yeah 4k video 16:09 yeah but is there a way you can you can 16:10 upload it somewhere just go to youtube 16:12 man just 16:13 bam we got bandwidth here so