Transformation Model 1

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  • Invest in your education and hard work towards liberation. Don't fall for trap of expecting little input for large outcome.
  • Solve all pressing world issues as class projects
  • 8 year program, includes program for Integrated Humans. Vinay + Marcin + Steve + Ismail
  • For education route - collect a program of Big Vision Thinking and Acting. Get the best teachers who are actually teaching solutions.
  • Invest $1M in a facility for education, comfortable, cohort of 120-240. 50% work and study bootstraps the program.
  • Prerequisite is rapid build of facility (Seed Eco-Home Tech)
  • Investment totals $2M seed
  • ROI is product, by capturing value of distributed market substitution with infinite efficiency
  • Output model is production of common products for DMS done right. Minus marketing and competitive waste etc.
  • Example: lifetime of an average car is 12 years. Can double that easily. Average consumer product life is short. Can 10x easily. LifeTrac is an example.