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OSE teaches movement entrepreneurs to change the world for the better, relying on open collaboration to get there. (Note branding shift from OSAT to true Collab, as much of OSAT structurally lacks from Open collaboration as long as people are not financially independent. Financially independent, you have a chance to do the status quo or make change. Financially dependent, you have only the chance to work for the status quo, and make world change in your spare time only. Or, work at your regular job banging your head against the wall)

Operational Aspects of Transparency for World Transformation


  • With respect to bureaucracy - if people are more informed, gummit does not have to bottleneck decisionmaking - such as 'you can't build this eco feature on your house without a bureaucrat's approval'. Decisionmaking becomes more distributed, leading to win-win for the customer and bureaucrat.
  • Any plan for 'small gummit' must be matched by explicit measures to upskill the population to take over the task overseen by the gummit', so people manage themselves. This is challenging in a consumer society, in which 'big brother' must retain a large role.
  • Thus, one must be careful about the Lord of the Flies whenever 'adult supervision' is removed

What Institutions of Transparency Exist Today?

Transparency - 2009

See Transparency - 2009

Other Links

  • Transparency helps in balancing the environment, society and economy: lessons from the world's largest public works program - - [1]