Tree Yield Per Acre

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  • This page goes over how much wood can be sustainably harvested from a (natural? ie not tree farm and/or edible forest etc?) forest

Naturally Fallen Biomass

  • With trees like live oak etc many branches can fall after storms etc
  • Perhaps use these as biomass?


  • Thinning (Forestry)
  • Essentially removal of some trees to allow for extra "growing room", see also Controlled Burn (Forestry)  ?
  • Easter USA forest - 30 dry tons for 40% thinning. For 25% charcoal yield, that is 7 tons per acre. 7 tons is 5 tons GGE. 3 kg diesel per gallon. 5 tons is thus 1500 gallons. Or about 40k miles - enough for 2 average Americans.

60 wet and 30 dry tons per acre from 35-40% thinning based on Basal Area.

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