Trellis Procedure Notes

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  • install first trellis. Use successive overlap. Trellis had 15 inch cuts, for 18" width total.
  • Lag bolts every 1 foot. Started with 4-6 3" deck screws, right at top z flashing.
  • First trellis started in northeast side. Put band on. But then band needed to be moved east due to successive overlap.
  • Used triangle supports.
  • Used blocking to support band 1.5" lower, but some places band was even with trellis.
  • Used blocking on leading end of trellis as support and alignment for next trellis, to save on using triangle supports. Built 4 triangle supports sufficient for one side of house
  • Screw in 5" 3/8" lag bolts from angle - so length of driving cordless drill fits in.
  • Boots should really be 4" (here 1.5" house + siding 5/8" +1.5 trellis+ washer). Total 96 bolts.
  • Screws thus should likewise be 4"