Trencher Review and Suggestions

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LifeTrac was used with 3 power cubes. One power cube ran four-wheel-drive and two power cubes ran the trencher - one trencher motor per power cube.


The trencher was tested with 50 hp on December 3, 2013. Issues:

  • trencher could not be tested properly because the curl cylinder on the tractor loader is too weak and curling of the trencher is not possible.
  • The teeth are going into the ground at the rear of the trencher which make it more difficult for the tractor to move forward. We reversed the direction of the teeth so that The teeth go into the ground at the front of the trencher. This helps the tractor move forward.
  • dirt piles up in front of the trencher if the teeth are going into the ground at the rear of the trencher, and the trencher loses a couple of inches of depth by having to go over the piled up soil


  • LifeTracsix was run for the first time with 75 hp.. This was done by using three power cubes.
  • We have demonstrated that the power cubes are more or less infinitely scalable
  • Satisfactrory dig depth was achieved - 3 feet
  • Chute does not have to be raised in order for the trenching to be initiated. To initiate a cut - the trencher is curled downwards. Then The shoot is inserted into the precut hole.

ideas for future improvements

  • remove outer lifetrac arm segments and bolt trencher to the end of the main arms.
  • create vertical slide on front of lifetrac frame to mount trencher to