Trim Notes

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  • 1x2 LP - front only. J-chan covers half of front and side. Other side is against house.
  • 1x4 LP is for windows and doors. One side is aperture protrusion, other is trim - so front face only needs paint.
  • 1x6 LP is double door + garage door. Edges don't need paint. One side is hidden by stained trim, other by vinyl on garage. By door trim on one side and vinyl on other for double door.
  • 1x8 is corners. 1 long edge only needs paint.
  • Garage to house has garage framing 4' protrusion flush with house sheathing. Rationale is ledger was attached through sheathing, so garage framing had to line up with sheathing. If it were lined up with house framing, the ledger would have a gap in it's attachment to garage framing.