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Mon Nov 26

  • Called Daniel Leon of D&H tractors (remote replicator high school student).

Checked on progress and inquired about interest in a video episode about them. It seems like they're planning to put the finishing touched on their LifeTrac in mid Dec and ship it out to a well known farming community in early Jan (an award winning doc was made about this farm - its the largest Urban farm in the USA).

  • Emailed William Neal (China CEB replicator).

Asked about his experiences since last wiki post, current location (him and CEB press) and asked about any video / photo documentation he might have taken. Also asked if he would be interested in being interviewed about his OSE endeavors.

  • Emailed Manuel Aguilar (Guatemala replicator).

Asked to update me with a more solid schedule on Lifetrac replication and general OSE endeavors.

  • Overlooked Marcin's Shuttleworth application, highlighting points and preparing for discussion later.
  • Worked on my work plan and work plan of visiting editors.

Sat Nov 24, 2012

  • CEB Collaborative Production Run shoot: day 2.
  • Spread FF video on '' [1]

This resulted in video subtitle translation in English, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Portugese (Brazillian), Romainian, Spanish and Turkish.

Fri Nov 23, 2012

  • CEB Collaborative Production Run shoot: day 1.
  • Successfully sent all 'Stucco Tutorial' footage to Willem Schitemaker with graphics, font and instructions on edit.

Thu Nov 22, 2012


Wed Nov 21, 2012

  • Re-exported Stucco Tutorial to minimize size at cost of quality / uploading to YouTube.
  • Noticed OSEmail promo not on YouTube channel, so uploaded this as well.
  • Re-visited OSEdit post in OSE forums and reviewed new posts [2].

One member, 'sandywoodson' claims to be a writer, producer, editor with 20yrs experience and is interested in volunteering time to us. Have messaged him urging to email me. Also, user 'GreenValleyFarm' suggested an open source cloud application called OwnCloud [] which can apparently allow people to 'donate' space on their servers to our cause. He said he, and probably many others, would be willing to do this to benefit OSE. Chasing him up as well.

  • Followed up Emily James Skype conversation with extensive email.
  • Followed up Focus Forward contact pressing for further details (eg. will the film remain publicly available online etc.).
  • Emailed Willem Schuitemaker, a potential remote edtiting collaborator, confirming his interest in editing Grahams Stucco material. Will send YouTube link / graphics when confirmed.

Tue Nov 20, 2012

  • Conducted extended Skype conversation with Emily James about Vice piece.

Discovered Vice are looking to make a piece of at least 15 minutes, possibly longer depending on quality of the material. This is a very decent length and will give us an opportunity to go into detail with the project. They are looking to finish the piece by late January. All costs for the production will be covered by Vice - meaning if I go to Guatemala OSE incurs no extra cost. Footage is non-exclusive to Vice, meaning OSE can still use for it's own purposes. Editorial control is shared between Emily and myself, with input from Marcin. There has however been a discrepancy between Emily and myself in regards to credits for the piece - we are discussing this in more detail on Thursday.

  • Completed eligibility forms sent by Focus Forward and sent back.
  • Researched the Keshe Foundation [3] after it being suggested as a potential collaborator for OSE.

This foundation is run by an Iranian nuclear scientist named Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. He claims to have developed some groundbreaking technologies in the field of renewable energy. He seems eager to have his technologies adopted, but sees a corporate conspiracy preventing this. I would be interested to hear Marcin's feedback on this, as I'm pretty unable to legitimize these claims with my own knowledge. There are however many nay-sayers online who discredit his claims. Worth a look though.

  • Transcoded 'Stucco Tutorial' footage for upload to YouTube and send to remote editor as preliminary test.
  • Uploaded file to YouTube, but failed overnight (reason unknown).
  • Emailed all editor candidates with form asking to fill and return ASAP. I felt the wiki process was too confusing and time consuming, so sent an email form. Candidates who look good, I will post into the wiki myself.

Mon Nov 11, to Mon 19, 2012

  • Filmed production of Powercube v7.0 (pre-production and production).
  • Filmed continuation of stucco tutorial with Graham.

*Interviewed several candidates for Editor/Indexer position - Jason Howell current front runner (examples of his work [4] [5]).

  • Prepared OSEmail, blog post, media contacts, Facebook audience, Facebook group contacts (such as Zeitgeist, Post Growth Institute) and Twitter followers for FF film release.
  • Coordinated releases through all channels on morning of Wed 14th.
  • Successfully suggested video to Corey Doctorow at BoingBoing.
  • Successfully suggested video to Wired video executive who has forwarded to her blogger network.
  • Conducted Skype chat with Novaclip founder Jason Gerard DeRose.

We discussed D-Media, an open source media-sharing software they have developed which could help us distribute and manage video content. This is currently running only on Linux, but OSX and Microsoft versions are in the pipeline. They need help with funding, so I suggested Marcin might mention their efforts to Shuttleworth? They are interested in collaboration, and I will contact them again in due course.

  • Met with Marcin to discuss past and future work.
  • Continued vetting ad response - interviewed Ian McKenzie.
  • Prepared footage for editing trencher video.
  • Completed / uploaded Trencher video for review.
  • Made adjustments from Marcin and Aaron / re-upload / post to Facebook / Twitter.
  • Continually promoting 'Build yourself' during this period - by Sunday, view count at 10,200.

Fri Nov 9, 2012

  • Edited / uploaded new image for countdown to 'Build Yourself' release - shared to Facebook / Twitter. [6]
  • Added 2 new photos of stove to Instagram / Facebook [7] [8]
  • Worked on trencher video.
  • Filmed stuccoing tutorial with Graham.
  • Investigated responses from ad - organized Skype interview with top candidate tomorrow evening.
  • Got reply from Novacut founder - suggested Skype time.
  • Helped Tom make dinner.

Thu Nov 8, 2012

  • Continued researching data storage device / UPS

Keen on these babies : [9] [10]

  • Researched Pogoplug FTP alternative for video hosting [11]

Turns out this is a good, cheap solution, essentially turning any HDD into a server which can be browsed / downloaded online. Problem is it comes packaged with poor software which must be used to transfer data. Apparently it can be hacked with Linux software to make it better.

  • Posted findings on OSE Forum and awaiting replies. [12]
  • Posted job add on looking for volunteer editor to index and edit video at OSE. [13]
  • Found a very interesting project called 'Novacut', an Ubuntu based OS project working on remote edit software. [14]
  • Emailed heads of the project - suggested a Skype chat.
  • Helped Graham clear wood / steel debris from around the workshop

Wed Nov 7, 2012

  • Created OSEdit System Diagram for video transfer.
  • Conducted FTP testing.
  • Investigated FTP client and server programs.
  • Installed 'FireFTP client' and 'CrossFTP server'.
  • Successfully transferred small files between folder on computer.
  • Tried but unable to transfer files to separate computer on network.
  • Emailed Elifarley Cruz for assistance - awaiting response.

Data Storage

  • After hearing bad press about Drobo, researched a superior RAID array made by Synology - ordering tomorrow.

Tue Nov 6, 2012

Promoted 'Build Yourself'
Social Media :

  • Took screenshots from the Focus Forward submitted 'Build Yourself'.
  • Edited images so they really pop.
  • Combined them into a collage.
  • Added text: "FROM TOMORROW (Nov.6th) OSE needs your vote for our 3min video! Check our FB page tomorrow or sign up for OSEmail to help us win the Focus Forward film competition and spread the word about our work."
  • Shared on Facebook / Twitter.


  • Corey Doctorow - editor asking him to share our video tomorrow.
  • Annaliza Savage - Wired Video Executive asking her to share our video tomorrow.
  • Emily James - UK documentary filmmaker will share video on her network.

Developed OSEdit Proposal

Mon Nov 5, 2012


  • Develop system for video footage to be edited remotely.
  • Promote Focus Forward Film (goes live 11/7/12).
  • Make trencher video for posting 11/11/12.


  • Update Facebook page with all new compelling OSE material.
  • Update photographs regularly to Instagram.
  • Devise future videos.