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This is an application that uses videos to boost participation and promotion of the True Fans program.

Previous Work

Earlier work on Microfunding was pursued by Nikolay Georgiev and a group of remote collaborators, but the work wasn't completed. Brad Lewis took over the project from Nikolay, and Jacob Dalton joined afterwards. On Nikolay's advice it was decided to integrate the microfunding application directly with the wiki rather than building a separate site on a CMS. This allows us to use the wiki to provide internationalization and account management.

Project Documents

Brad's GDrive Folder
Project Progress and Outline GDoc
Project Github Repository
Jacob's Test Server

Demo Video

Dedicated Project Visit

Jacob Dalton is doing a Dedicated Project Visit to Factor e Farm from November 20th to December 21st to finish the True Fans Microfunding App. See: Jacob Dalton Dedicated Project Visit Application.

Current Status

Feature Set Before Departure:
  • Record video from webcam and upload to youtube.
  • Ability to input youtube urls of previously uploaded videos.
  • Save video in database.
  • Save video message in database.
  • Email a message to a list of emails with a link to saved video and saved message.
In development:
  • Pick a group a facebook friends to send a message to.
  • Send messages to facebook friends' feed (aka wall).
  • Send message to user's feed.
  • Create a True Fans action in user's timeline.
Planned Development:
  • Twitter Integration.
  • 'Best of' video playlist integration.

DPV Development Plan

Pre-Arrival: Polished prototype and blog draft (November 16th).
Week 1: Meeting, test the prototype with the team at FeF, bug-fixes, and collect feedback.
Success metric: Blog post, strategy meeting, first usability tests, and usability update 1.
Week 2: Make FeF videos, collect feedback from stakeholders, feature freeze, and update.
Success metric: FeF videos, completed twitter and play list features, email to sample subset of True Fans, and usability update 2.
Week 3: Beta release to a subset of True Fans, prep live server, and update.
Success metric: Remote user testing report and usability update 3.
Week 4: Full release via blog post, analyze, and update.
Success metric: Public release, initial analysis, and usability update 4.

Collaborative Development Oppurtunities

If someone with web development skills wanted to develop a way to import email contacts--that would be a big usability improvement. We don't plan to launch with this feature, so it would be a nice boost if someone wanted to lend a hand.

Usability Testing

Props to Matt for lending a hand:

Beta Plan

Jacob Log