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Instructions for Putting Yourself on the Timeline

Dear True Fans

We are building a new main website. The old one is at

We are creating a True Fans timeline to display on OSE's website - to be posted at, which you can also see at True Fans Timeline.

All True Fans who entered their info and photo on the OSE wiki have already been added to the timeline - see: If you're already on that page, you don't need to do anything.

But if you have not entered your info on the wiki and would like to be included on the True Fans timeline, please do the following:

1) Upload a photo somewhere - it could be a wordpress site, your server or OSE's wiki ( If you already have a published photo, skip to step 2.

2) Copy the url of the photo into your clipboard. Please note that the url should point to the photo itself. It should look like this http:// NOT like this http://

3) Fill out this form and make sure to paste the url of the photo on the Photo/Video field:

4) Check out to see you new timeline entry!

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