Turbine Fabrication

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General Fabrication Procedure

The turbine fabrication procedure starts with a 1.5” shaft. Sourcing: part # 8920K312 at McMaster Carr. Cost: $15 Turbine shaft.jpg Turbine fab1.jpg

The turbine fabrication is almost wholly symmetrical for the two sides, except for the provisions for exhaust. The side with the exhaust has two features that the other side does not have: a main working gas seal and the exhaust manifold. Look at the picture of the exhaust end:

Turbine dimensions.jpg

Both sides have bearings, spacers, seals, and clamping collar. Find a bearing to fit the shaft and slide it on the shaft. Sourcing: part 60355K84 at [1] for $38 or [2] for $9, or Ebay for $20 each. Also, find a spacer, with 1.5 inch ID and 1/8” wall. It is 1/4” long + width of seal (see seal design drawing). Sourcing: ______ Cost: Also, find a seal to match the spacer. 1.75” ID and 3” OD. Turbine fab2.jpg

Find end pipe section to house the bearing, seal, and spacer. Sourcing: ____ . Cost: Turbine fab3.jpg

Find 5/16” plate steel for end side of turbine. Sourcing: ____ . Cost: Turbine fab4.jpg

Begin work on the other shaft end. Start with ball bearing. Sourcing: ____ . Cost: Turbine fab5.jpg Begin work on the exhaust compartment. Use a larger pipe section to house the exhaust holes. Sourcing: ____ . Cost: Turbine fab6.jpg

Cut out exhaust port and weld on an exhaust pipe. Sourcing: ____ . Cost: Turbine fab7.jpg

Lathe out another end plate. Sourcing: ____ . Cost: Turbine fab8.jpg

Install middle pipe section. Drill small holes into end plates to bind sections together. Use gasket sealing compound for vapor-tightness. Sourcing: ____ . Cost: Turbine fab9.jpg

The disks may now be inserted onto the shaft. Locking collars and spacers must be accommodated, as well as seals.


Picture of disks, cut out by laser cutter:

Disks quote.jpg


Boundary Layer Turbine

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