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  • AR VR XR training for builders of Seed Eco-Home 2. Collaboration with UMKC $35M center. This is a generic system for inputing digital data and manipulating it in AVX-R.
  • Vets get trained to build aquaponic greenhouses as a business. We know this works for systems much less integrated than ours.
  • CEB press + 3D printer - off-grid relief shelters that feed into affordable housing anywhere including aquaponic greenhouse for long-term relief shelter with food production and home microfactory for producing shoes, building materials, and cordless power tools.
  • Certify OSE via curriculum creation. Accreditation is submission of curriculum.

David Leasure

Just met with some people from from They are excellent at grants, and want to help. One thing we said - create curriculum accredited by UMKC. Can you write this? Do you have a job? What would you need to get paid and how much time would it take to create a  curriculum for vets/students/entrepreneurs to build seed eco-homes with aquaponic houses, usable also in another variant as off-grid solar-food-microfactory in emergency use (which typically ends up being long-term). See more notes at

I'm thinking 6 semesters - semester 1 - seed eco-home. 2 - aquaponic greenhouse. 3 - off-grid solar. 4- CEB press 5 - 3D printer - 6 - open source microfactory - as a basic survival/thriving package.