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This is a list of local groups developing Global Village/OSE type projects, or have similar interests in sustainability and self production.


Factor E Farm, the home of OSE, is located in Missouri. Other groups of interest include:

  • Some people here
    • Rural mid-Missouri - We own a home in mid-Missouri in private lake area adjacent to Missouri river. -
    • Northwest Missouri - looking to establish a network of relationships -
    • Central Missouri - live in a small town -

South East USA

If you are interested in forming a project or group in this region please post your information here or contact danielravennest (at) gmail (dot) com if you are uncomfortable posting your information publicly.


Community DIY Association - Gadsden, Alabama Website

As of Jan 2012 the general project path is setting up a community workshop with the intent to work up in a bootstrap fashion to more advanced tools and an eventual full community farm, housing, and workshop along OSE methods. Specific current tasks are starting to produce "Grid Beam" type modular lumber pieces, which can be used for general construction such as workbenches, storage shelves. In order to drill the holes in the lumber accurately, we are making a bootstrap drill press from a hand drill plus lumber and iron pipe, followed by a hole jig so they are evenly spaced. The modular concept lets you recycle parts as needs change, and scales up to full modular buildings. If successful, modular kits might become a sale product to finance later expansion.