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Alternative Methods for Installing Ubuntu on Macbook using OS X (NOT WORKING, NEEDS REVIEW)

Installing and Booting Ubuntu using USB Flash Drive


Running Ubuntu Using Virtual Box (Working Method)

Get the .ISO

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit


Download Oracle VM VirtualBox .DMG file


Disk image will automatically mount itself and prompt you to double click "VirtualBox.mpkg"

This will install an app to see if your machine is able to run Virtual Box.

Follow the installer, close the window.

Open Virtual Box

If your machine is able to run Virtual Box, you will find it in your applications folder. Find this and double click it.

Create New Virtual Machine

You should see a window that says "Welcome to Virtual Box"

In order to create a new virtual machine, click New in the top left hand corner of the window.

Name your virtual machine. Select Linux from the Operating System drop down menu. Select Ubuntu in the Version drop down menu.

Virtual Machine will now prompt you to select the Memory to be used. 512 MB is the suggested amount.

Click the create button and wait.

You will be asked to provide a bootable drive containing the operating system. Click the folder icon next to the drop down menu and select the Ubuntu .ISO file. You will now be booted into the Ubuntu startup process.