Ukraine Reconstruction

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  • It's an experiment in defining a model for the deployment rate of scalable activity.
  • Industry standard: money + proprietary tech; expensive kit, no distributive open source, no swarmability becuase nobody does crowd swarming (outside of Habitat)
    • 10x lower capital cost on the fabrication of CEB presses, if done at scale. Matters at the 1000 CEB level, or $5M where each produces 600/hr * 24=14,400 block per day. One house a day. Operation yield 300,000 homes per year.
      • Homotourism - or Aid Tourism for homes - gets us the bodies.
      • World Food Kitchen for feeding the people
    • 10x lower cost means $500k for block presses
    • Solar trailer for rebar welding gives the trusses or solid beam top plates, doable everywhere.
    • Solar concrete trailer produces lime concrete foundations on gravel with solid geotextiled gravel bed for proper drainage and shallow insulated footer
    • Lime concrete - 315 tons per year. 315 foundations per acre at Farm Yields Per Acre
    • Rock crusher - makes gravel, all waste is fed into it.
    • Sawmill x1000 for wood
    • 2 ton per day cement plant takes 400kW over 6 hours. PV village is the first thing in each city.
  • Goals: solve housing reconstruction, create open sector for housing reconstruction in the form of mobile machines for rebuilding, and solve corruption.