Russian Invastion of Ukraine

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March 2024

General Clark discusses pathetic failure of the USA to negotiate Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the unnecessary deaths in Ukraine:

Dec 22, 2022

But Zelensky was using words not to describe reality; he was using words to change reality. -[1]. Zelensky argued that assistance to Ukraine is not charity. It is an investment.

  • “So much in the world depends on you.” Sometimes, Americans forget that.
  • “We defeated Russia in the battle for minds of the world.” -[2]. Possible dystopia - But none of this happened. Because Zelensky stayed in Kyiv, declaring that he needed “ammunition, not a ride”; because Ukrainian soldiers repulsed the first Russian attack on their capital; because Ukrainian society pulled together to support its army; because Ukrainians at all levels were creative in their use of limited resources; because Ukrainian civilians were, and are, willing to endure terrible hardship; because of all of that, we are not living in that ugly, alternate reality.

June 15, 2022

One - Nikkei Asia still has a Ukraine feed.


Note that wartime like no other has extremely committed people. This is because their very freedom, on top of profound sense of justice, is affected. Thus, there is more potential for powerful collaboration. What are the challenges? The work can be dangerous, and clear feedback on needs must be provided.

In terms of succeeding in aligning a number of people - there are clear and powerful things that can be done. From defense to rebuild - all we need to know is what needs exist.

We can propose a definite program for what would suffice. We can start with that, and then leverage a crowd-developed effort of money for hardware, peoples' time, and hardware directly. The assumption is that there are only 3 things required. Weapons, weapons, and weapons.

June 10, 2022

  • MLRS and why West is or is not dragging its feet - [3]

May 26, 2022

Scenarios for the big picture -

  • Strategic decoupling of tech and financial sectors in china? China’s tech sector continues to benefit American businesses, universities, and citizens in myriad ways—providing critical skilled labor and revenue to sustain U.S. R&D, for example. But that same Chinese tech sector also powers Beijing’s military build-up, unfair trade practices, and repressive social control.
    • Of course open source technology bypasses this entire fiasco - a common platform of collaboration can work, and would be practical to implement for a certain level of technology, up to those instruments necessary for societal thriving.
    • It appears that if 'strategic decoupling' happens on a worldwide scale - that is what is also known as a network of autonomous republics. So we arrive at freedom from the opposite sides: one is a decentralized set of autonomous republics based on a distaste for artificial scarcity - as promoted by OSE - or the route from national agendas based on scarcity thinking. In the latter case, we cannot be sure that the result will be inclusive or collaborative. In the former, the value system is built around inclusive collaboration.

Fri Apr 15, 2022

US Is Not Doing Enough


We have a class of immensely rich business oligarchs that exercises great political and economic power with minimum accountability or responsibility. Some of them control information platforms whose purpose is to set Americans at one another’s throats and make us unfit to judge truth from lies. Others back legislation keeping America stuck in a hydrocarbon economy that entrenches dictators while the planet melts. We have a population that’s deeply divided by generation and region, between outward-looking cosmopolitans and backward-looking traditionalists, mutually fearful and contemptuous. Our stagnant, money-driven politics exercises a constant pull away from civic participation into passivity.

But the most immediate threat to Ukraine’s support in the U.S. is an American political party with a strong attraction to autocracy—even to Putin’s Russia. Because of the war, some Republican leaders might now hope, like Charles Lindbergh after Pearl Harbor, that the country will forget their recent romance with authoritarianism—their acquiescence in Trump’s Putinist dreams, including his campaign of blackmail to corrupt Ukrainian democracy for his own dirty ends. But the attraction remains. The U.S. will never be a worthy friend to Ukraine unless the Republican Party purges itself of the poisonous influence of its Tucker Carlsons and Marjorie Taylor Greenes, and above all of Trump. This work might be assisted by Democrats and independents who force the issue with voters, but only Republicans can do it.

In early 1939, a few months before the start of World War II, Auden moved to America, where he published an essay on Voltaire titled “A Great Democrat.” “It is only by removing the obvious causes of misery, poverty, and social injustice,” Auden wrote, “that a democracy like the United States can protect itself against the specious appeals of the enemies of freedom.” Today, reversing America’s Russification will mean defeating our own authoritarians, reducing the power of our oligarchs, ridding our politics of its endemic corruption, and giving Americans on the losing end of 40 years of globalization a sense of security and identity that binds them to our democracy. If we’re true to our own ideals, then we might be worthy of Ukraine.

Mon Apr 11, 2022

Serhiy Leschenko's Comments

Sun Apr 10, 2022

IT Troops.

Fri Apr 8, 2022

Present-day Russia is a Bonapartist regime, very similar to the French regime of 1848–1870 famously described by Marx, but also to the inter war Germany. It relies on plebiscites by benefiting from a sudden introduction of universal suffrage and aggressively boosts resentment and revanchism in society after a major defeat (in Russia’s case, after the Cold War). Ruled by a leader with almost unlimited power, such regimes tend to degenerate into electoral monarchies that repress all internal divisions and are hostile to their neighbors. They are economically stable, which helps them depoliticise the masses, trading absolute civic disengagement for relative well-being and supporting escapism into private life. All this leads them to become militarily aggressive, externalising internal conflicts, overestimating threats from the outside and ending up bolstering strong military alliances against them. They are driven by suicidal tendencies and are heading inevitably towards defeat – but that comes at a high price for everyone, especially now, in the nuclear age. - from [4]

And - At the same time, Putin has built a trickle-down system similar to the one Ronald Reagan created in his time. While the elites became insanely rich and bought endless luxurious yachts and palaces, the general population was able to raise its standard of living through mortgages and consumer credit.

Sat Apr 2, 2022

$70k per hour cost to fly an F22 Raptor. [5].

US needs a ball check - otherwise we allow for offensive nuclear threat - [6]

Sanctions as a weapon - [7]

Sun Mar 27, 2022

The Making of Putin - [8]

Thu Mar 24, 2022

Good explanation of Putin's thinking - makes sense that he thought that Jan 6, 2021 made fun of democracy and thus he thought he could get away with murder. [9]

Mar 23, 2022

Comparison of Putin and Hitler over their 10 year rise - [10] from Really good insights.

Also - Eurasianism - [11]

And Eukraine Jewish Encounter - [12]

Mar 17, 2022

Interesting News Sources

Mar 14, 2022 suggests a proper response - treating Russia like the gangsta it is

Mar 11, 2022

  • Analysts appear to state that escalation is likely to lead to a nuclear weapon being used, based on war game scenarios back from 2014. No visible offramp exists for Putin, as he controls Russia's information flows. [13]

Analysis Mar 8, 2022

  • First, understand nuclear strategy - [14]
  • One possibility is that the Rubicon has been crossed - [15]
  • Then, read about an analysis interpreted on Mar 5, 2022 regarding a possible fall of Russia according to a leaked document from Russian intelligence known as FSB - - is this document verified or fake? - [16]. Case made is not impossible. It may be likely - logic there appears to be sound. Unless this is pure psyops.


Mar 8, 2022

To Catarina -

Read my retweet from Igor Sushko based on a leaked report, translated, mentioned in The Times (UK) article recently

A 2000 word doc from FSB that discusses that Russia is in deep shit and that the west should enter the war before too many more innocent lives are lost.

I also posted this on the wiki with some more supporting info on nuclear strategy at

Truth Wins

  • Here's a possitive outlook - [17]

Military Analysis

  • Air Force Magazine - [18]


  • Russia - [19]. By Interfax Ukraine - [20]
  • Ukraine - why is this not visible?

Military Aid Needs

  • Mar 1 - in Defense News - [21]


Recents on Twitter -

Check out this contrarian viewpoint - from the feed. at about 4 AM Sunday CST USA. From Coach Red Pill on Telegram. How fascinating.

It is interesting to see the arguments promoted by each side. From the assumptions that the good or evil side takes, their respective conclusions appear sound. Their conclusions depend on the assumptions that they are making. And assumptions depend on admissible information - which information the viewpoint includes and which it omits in its considerations. And what values it holds. Thus, one could gain reconciliation or admit to differences based on admissible information and therefore the assumptions made.

Ukraine Solutions

  • Freedom Rides to Siberia, to pick up the 1M+ forcibly deported people in exile.
  • Provide Ukraine with sufficient support to usher Russia out in the most expedited timeframe possible