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List of Potential Utilities at Neighborhood Level


  • "Standard" mains power (ie the non-3 phase variety of the standard local AC power)
  • 3 phase ac
  • other power forms (hv dc, other non-standard forms etc, probably not relevant)


  • Fresh Water (tap water)
  • Grey Water Out (if a central recycling system is in use)
  • Reclaimed Water In (essentially grey water in) often used for yard irragation while spending less potable water


  • Fuel Gas (most likely compressed methane)
    • Could also be syngas, hydrogen, or a blend
  • Most others probably won't be done, but perhaps for a seperate building level list?


  • Dedicated Telephone (good for redundancy if cellular or voip go down)
  • Fiber Internet



  • Steam (if a central plant / chp is available)
  • Traffic Light Cable Routing
  • Street Light Cable Routing

Current Layout + Marking Standards

OSE Standard

  • May not be done, but if so would be all of the utilities in the ose ecosystem in a standardized underground, easily maintainable layout

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