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There are many building codes, standards, specifications, certifications spanning construction, agriculture, machine safety, engineering, structural engineering, industrial safety, materials hazards, and other properties regarding sound design.

OSE intends to meet or exceed industry standards with its work. In order to hack the system, we begin with understanding accepted industry standards.

This here is a compilation of all codes and standards for all sectors, especially as relevant to the work of OSE. Transparence about our techniques is the goal.


  • Construction - based on building codes. Includes foundations, structural engineering, wastewater, plumbing, electric.
  • Mechanical engineering - ASTM
  • Optics
  • Industrial safety -
  • Agricultural Machine Safety -
  • Automotive - crash testing
  • Materials - ASTM
  • Fire Codes
  • Kitchen Codes -
  • Plumbing fittings -
  • Hydraulics fittings
  • Civil engineering
  • Power plant
  • Cement and Cementitious materials standards
  • Natural Building Codes -
  • Accounting standards -
  • Banking standards -
  • Web standards -
  • Electronic communication standards
  • Intellectual Property Laws -