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'Job' satisfaction across the world is low - and the elephant in the room remains that we sell our value instead of producing real goods for direct use - redeeming, in general, only a fraction of our value. OSE promotes Unjobbing as discussed in [1]. However, in order to make unjobbing applicable to a larger fraction of the population, a mechanism for industrial productivity has to be build into the package - however, without relying and large, centralized, bureaucratic infrastructures. From OSE's perspective, that missing ingredient is the open source economy, with local, open source microfactories as the new engine of industrial productivity on a small scale. This is consistent with the Network State


  • 50% of the population hates their jobs in America [2]


  • Unjobbing - [3]
  • Your Money or Your Life - [4]
  • Rethinking the Job Culture - FB - [5]

Perspective of a Developer, Jonathan Takacs

HintLightbulb.png Hint: True Housing - great concept. - MJ

  • How do I achieve independence from my student loans? over 100 is average. 6 years later, they are down to half that.
  • Mortgage or rent costs ~800 Needed land to build a micro-factory, so could not go with appt.
  • Tough to start, I perceive that I don't have the time for family and also building a business. Also difficult to feel alone as an entrepreneur in this space - few people understand the idea of an open economy.
  • 10 hours taken by employer a day for 80+ professional Salary. Child goes to bed around 7. 10-12 nightly is hard to keep up. Essentially, I want the benefits before the work; but do not want work to drive family apart.
  • My opinion is solid open source management software and pervasive automation is crucial to lift people out of Jobs - No risk to families besides the labor or moneys to "Get" the factory machines. Even materials could be ordered just in time to demand.
    • In this way, automation and machines can "unjob" us in a way that is not diminishing or concentrating of wealth in the wrong places.
  • Also Crucial is the sale of True Housing - homes that provide for the owner and make maintenance easy and streamlined. I feel a home should be able to be easily upgraded with to provide or provide:
    • power
    • food
    • shelter
    • HVAC comfort
    • Network connectivity
    • MJ adds - industrial productivity on a small scale. A single 3D printer - if fueled by open source production engineering and open source product designs - can produce $1-10/printer hour.

What are we doing and how will this affect society-

So - how do we have everyone become producer / consumers is the main concern. How does this politically work?

  • How do we Avoid Parasitic Economic Behavior The Open MES and the products I am planing are a highly valuable product that can just produce others value like Linux. They do not have to contribute to profit from it.
    • If they saturate the market, I.E. someone with millions starts using it, they can BEAT out the rest regionally or globally though the basics of purchasing power.
      • BUT as a counter - then people can produce basic needs and basic goods within their house and do not Need a regular income to pay off a debtor. The country and people become powerful but look "poor" by our current metrics of GDP and the rest... What is this?