Urban Infill Revenue Model

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  1. AR training day 1
  2. 4000 sf space donated, 1 house per week production day 1
  3. Solar concrete for foundations - $100k for 100 homes per year of CEB. See Solar Concrete
  4. CEB for walls and floors for 30% cost reduction
  5. 3D printed doors and windows, 10% reduction
  6. Rebar trusses for structure
  7. 2 year program, $1k/month
  8. $100k classroom - donated via University collaboration.
  9. 2000 houses over 2 years
  10. Cohort of 200. 10 classes. Prof plus tutors.
  11. 400 hrs/build
  12. City budget is 2000 houses per year in affordable housing
  13. Collab with builders who don't want to build cheap
  14. Unimos solar utility vehicle
  15. CEB press
  16. Urban forestry with automated sawmill
  17. Large printers

Exec Summary

  1. Train-to-unjob builders. We buy parts from them. One biz model is distributed production with distributed quality control.
  2. Quota of city affordable/homeless houses built converted to training. Housing, urban ag, water, energy, production.
  3. OSE curriculum developed for various areas of digital productivity
  4. Green space integrated with housing space
  5. Ability to produce plastic, concrete, brick, and steel for free.
  6. Open source microfactory for production
  7. At 100 houses/year minimum viable impact - 50 students, 4 houses each comfortably, 80% in community, 1 for external client, pays back for $25k/2 year tuition/room/board. 50*$24k = $600k/yr budget. For the one house sold - that is $2.5M extra. This floats the operation to $2.5M spent on R&D for open source machines pool - a community investment in lifetime design tools. Houses are sold at cost - about $10k per house in outsourced materials, with $40k in produced materials.

Simpler Model

  • People buy affordable homes via city mandates
  • Effective OSE sole source by virtue of product offering (3x lower)
  • Homeless budget could cover it
  • Affordable housing budget could cover it
  • Village design is needed, block scale.