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Education & Background

Vincenzo Calligaro. Italian bachelor in Automation Engineering graduated at the Polytechnic School of Milan in 2013.

I've been watching OSE work since my university days and during the years I followed the activities of OSE, especially during the last year. Also with the time I started appreciating the open source philosophy in general and know my opinion is that this should be the main philosophy used for creating the goods and the services our society needs. Now I think that I reached a point that allows me to contribute.

Actual Job

by now I'm working since 2014 for MEHITS (Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and IT Cooling Systems) first as Electical Designer , then as a Unit Controllers Developer for the HPAC Business Unit so mainly I develop control logics for IT Cooling Computer Rooms Air Conditioners/Handlers (CRAC/CRAH), therefor I have a good knowledge of electronics (both power and control) and of industrial automation, mainly applied to the temperature/humidity control.

Interests & Actual projects

Besides that, I am passionate about technology in general but especially about automation/robotics and all that comes with that (software development, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, math, physics, ...) and recently I started "playing" with Arduino (so far I bought an Arduino Uno Wifi Rev.2, a TinkerKit Braccio Robot, an Arduino Yun Rev.2, a Portenta H7 and a Portenta Vision Shield) studying and developing Robotics and Machine Vision logics.

In this last year I also started learning FreeCad and I think now I've reached a good knowledge about using it, mainly about the CAD part but I took a look to the Python programming side too.

OSE Involvement

For OSE I'd like to contribute by doing FreeCad, Arduino and electronics works as well as building instructions, possibly for the D3D, Filament maker, Shredder and Tractors. By now I'm contributing to the design of Universal Track Unit.


My goal in the long term is to start an OSE Chapter in my home land, the region of Cadore.

Contact or Discussion


See Here my Work Log