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I am an open source enthusiast with a long standing interest in Electronics, Microcontrollers and Programming. I had the oppurtunity to visit a great High School with a technical focus, where we would learn Machining, Electrical Installation and Electronics one day per week, in addition to theory classes on Electronics and Computer Science. I love sharing knowledge and I'm always bummered if there are arbitrary barriers to acquiring or distributing knowledge.


Name Daniel Uhl Located in Graz/Austria

Profession: Engineer/Student

Languages: German (Native), English (Fluent/C1), French (B1), Hebrew (B1)


  • Linux
  • Electronics: Layouting with EAGLE/KiCAD, Circuit Design (mostly Digital, some analog, learning Power)
  • Mechanical Design

Work Log

DanielUhl Log



I study Biomedical Engineering at TU Graz in Austria. I am currently in my Masters. I did my Bachelor in Berlin/Germany and went back to my hometown Graz for my Masters.


Volunteer firefighter

Volunteer EMT with the Austrian Red Cross (I do approx 1 night shift a week), mostly bringing old people to the hospital

I am a member of the hackerspace realraum [1] in Graz.