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Multipurpose toolbar

A multipurpose toolbar in an acessory to a tractor or a stand alone equippment where a variety of agricultural implements (for instance: plogh, harrow, subsoiler, cultivator)can be attached in a fast and easy way.

Basic requeriments:

basic requirements for an “Open Source Multipurpose Toolbar”:

1-It should effectively reduce time and effort in soil preparation, planting and associated chores

2- It needs to be affordable for a peasant farmer family

3- It needs to be simple to build with local materials and minimal tools

4- It needs to be simple to operate, maintain and repair in the field

5- It needs to operate where space is scarce for maneuver and storage

6- It should be compatible with a variety of power sources: animal power, walk behind tractors, small tractors (Lifetrac!), ATVs, 4WDs, winch systems and others available.

7- It should Be stackable, to permit the simultaneous use of more than one tool, to perform a series of agricultural operations in a single pass

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