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Fred Eisele

Fred Eisele, Nashville, TN, USA, phreed (at) gmail dot com

Professionally, I work a the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University (ISIS) in Nashville Tennessee. Here at ISIS we have a history of developing open source software. ACE, TAO, CHIAO, etc. GME for developing domain specific languages. ISIS has developed a set of tools for collaborative engineering. We will be using and modifying OpenCascade and FreeCAD to make these tools generally available. I am presently working learning to use FreeCAD and developing the assembly module.

A problem in academia is the availability of unencumbered mechanical designs and design software. We are looking to collaborate in the development and analysis of the OSE open source machine designs. Having good open source tools, models, and field trials is important to the university's goals of open exchange of the results of our research. I am also involved with a project to develop local high-tech ecosystem in the Nashville area.

My personal goal is to replicate, as much as possible, the Factor E-Farm. Our farm is located near Tracy City, TN. We have purchased the land and are will be constructing of a 10,000 sq. ft. workshop/habitat.

Fred Eisele.
Rejoined November 2012.