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Husam Nasser DPV Application

Preliminary Application


Husam ose.jpg

Personal Information

  1. Name:Husam Nasser
  2. Age: 22
  3. email:
  4. Phone: 859-358-2148
  5. Skype: husam-nasser
  6. Availability: May 10- July 31
  7. Resume: File:HN Resume.pdf
  8. Video:
  9. Willing to Publish? Yes

Full Application

Goals: My Dedicated Project Visit goals are to gain experience in the development, design, and fabrication processes for Lifetrac prototypes. I also would like to gain experience field testing designs and making modifications to improve any weaknesses. Another goal in my Dedicated Project Visit is to gain skills in the documentation process that will allow me to communicate my work to others in an open source environment. In a larger context, I would like to explore the design and building of open source implements and products to create an economy derived from local resources in attempting to break out of the corporate control. My long term goal is to be able to take this experience and knowledge back to Yemen, my home country, and share it with my people there.

Proposal Brief:'


  • Janet Meyer, Assistant Farm Manager & Horticulture, Berea College, (859)6254610,
  • Martin Veillette, Professor of physics, Berea College, (859)985-3299, Martin_Veillette@berea.ed



  • Funding will be provided by Berea College for food, housing, and personal expenses.
  • Laptop,iPod touch, and a camera.
  • No smart phone.