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WHO: Javier Rivera, 20, Spain, engineering student. Personal Blog - Contact

Since I was a children, I loved robotics and built with friends few shacks (houses) in the country, as well as primitive cars. Ecology lover too, and looking for projects that make a better world for everyone, knew about open culture and open source 'everything'.

WHY: True Fan since February 2011 because I see the deep meaning of OSE's work. I agree with their phylosophy and want a change in the world in that direction. Even more, I advocate for a Resource Based Economy, and support The Venus Project. Everything that's open source is a gift to entire human race, and this vision will overcome capitalism problems.

I'd love to build some thing with you, but I'm far away of you, and at the moment, living in the city, can't make a lot of machinery, but I'm always thinking something!

I'll try to do something to help you out from Europe, best wishes.