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Jonathan Log

Preliminary DPV Application

Contact Information

Jonathan Miller

  • Age:25
  • Location: Provo, Utah,
  • Phone: (931) 259-5297
  • Email:


August 5th – August 31st 2013


File:Jonathan P.pdf

Video of Interest

I agree to publish all the results of your work openly according to the OSE Open IP Guidelines

Other Questions

The Nutty Putty Bike Trip

Do you have resources to support yourself while volunteering with us?

  • Yes, ISIS-Vanderbilt is offering me a paid internship for my work with OSE.

Do you have sample work that you could upload and/or share via email? (ie. projects, designs, technical writing, graphic designs, videos, etc).

  • The Nutty Putty Bike Trip

The Nutty Putty Bike Trip was a 4,000 mile, coast to coast charity bicycle ride. I and three friends cycled from Virginia Beach south to St. Augustine Fl, and then west to San Diego California. The purpose was in memory of a lost friend and family member John Jones and raise money for single-mother widows with dependent children. I was in charge of daily documentation and follower viewership for the duration. After the trip ended, I compiled and published the blog I wrote into a professional coffee table book.
Nutty Putty Cyclers Page
See the E-book preview on the bookstore Here

  • CAD Work in AutoDesk Inventor Professional for University Credit
    • Model Airplane
      Model Airplane
    • Ergonomic Mouse
      Ergonomic Mouse
    • Computer Fan
      Computer Fan
    • Air Engine
      Air Engine

GRN Gel Pak

Are there skills/expertise you hope to gain while a DPV at FeF?

  • I hope to learn lots of things. Some might include:
    • How to weld and use material removal machines - lathes, mills, etc.
    • Metal Casting
    • 3D printing
    • Arduino programming and use
    • Camera Work

How did you hear about OSE and the DPV opportunity?

  • My family runs an intentional community called The Village on Sewanee Creek in rural Tennessee. I heard about OSE from one of the residents there - Fred Eisele who showed me the TED talk. I've since done my own research on OSE.

How have you been involved with OSE so far?

  • I've participated in a few saturday design sprints with OSE. Some of the things I've worked on are on my Log