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Full Application for Dedicated Project Visit

1. List your goals and deliverables for your Dedicated Project Visit, breaking it up by each of the four weeks. Please write a one-page proposal brief summarizing what you would like to do, how you would accomplish it, and what resources you would need to do so. Include a budget as necessary.

I spoke with Marcin briefly on the phone, but our reception was cutting in and out, so we did not get to discuss this in heavy detail as of yet. Essentially, I'm interested in learning as much as possible and helping Open Source Ecology have the biggest possible impact, so I'm open to working on whatever happens to be the highest priority task during my time there. Based upon the DPV page information, the highest leverage tasks that I can fulfill are:

Documentation: Technical Writing | Organizational: Project Management, Communications, Strategic Development, Business Development

This is all open to review and subjective based upon what other work is being done at Factor e farm at each given time. With more knowledge, I'll be able to create a more concrete plan.

Week 1: 3/2/13 - 3/8/13

Assist in the management of and document the building of GVCS machines (LifeTRAC, tractor, brick press, etc.) and begin to create step-by-step written how to manuals for ordinary individuals to be able to replicate them. Publish all materials online. The manuals will be as comprehensive as possible, including: Skills needed, timeline, raw materials, total costs, steps, operation, functions, and troubleshooting. Leverage my social media accounts, websites I write for, and other contacts to attempt to increase the online traffic towards these materials. Blog frequently about the experience and share pictures on social media to generate interest among others to encourage more potential collaborators to volunteer. Create a Google Hangout to do Q&A with people interested in OSE.

(*Note: These actions may take longer than one week depending on the timeline of building each machine. I'll be better able to assess this with more information. These actions may take up the entire four week stay.)

Week 2: 3/9/13 - 3/15/13

Continue documenting the building of GVCS machines and blogging. Develop the framework for a Skillshare online class in order to teach individuals the basics of what they need to know to build their own machines.

Week 3: 3/16/13 - 3/22/13

Continue documenting the building of GVCS machines and blogging. Learn more about the on site agriculture and create how to materials that will allow others to replicate these results.

Week 4: 3/23/13 - 3/29/13

Continue documenting the building of GVCS machines and blogging. Learn more about the on site energy generation and waste disposal plans and create how to materials that will allow others to replicate these results.

After leaving Factor e farm:

-Embed additional OSE links and elements into the website of my own organization [Project Free World][1] to increase web and social media traffic. -Invite interested OSE members onto the Project Free World Podcast to discuss solutions to global issues and building systems of the future. -Include OSE story experiences and references in the book I am writing to generate further interest. -Visit impoverished areas to assist others in creating these machines, and provide them with the OSE how to manuals.

2. What are the metrics by which you could assess the success of your work?

The main metric I can use to judge the success of my work will be publishing the completed how to manuals, blog posts, and creating the framework for an online Skillshare class that OSE can utilize to generate additional revenue.

3. What do you expect to get out of your Dedicated Project Visit?

I hope to get a more clear working knowledge of what it takes to build the tools necessary to create a small scale civilization from the ground up. I hope to be able to share this knowledge to empower individuals living in impoverished areas to create their own survival needs, in order to be able to focus on higher level needs such as self-actualization.

4. Please provide 3 References with email and phone number - 2 work references, 1 personal reference

References sent by email

5. How did you hear about the program?

I saw Marcin's TED talk online.

6. Describe your practical skills - from agriculture, workshop, industry, organizing, hands-on, CAD, manufacturing, computer skills, etc.

I'm an idea guy and a versatile, quick learner. Having worked and lived with all different types of people, I enjoy acting as a bridge between different cultures; communicating difficult concepts in language that even a young kid could understand.

Applicable skills: Writing, Organizing, Leading Workshops, Hands-on work, Business Development, Project Management, Communications, Strategic Development

7. Have you designed and built or produced anything for your own use?

Not yet.

8. Do you have any organizational skills and experience?

I've organized, led, and taught personal development groups, classes, and retreats; creating all of the content, marketing materials, and social media campaigns. I also have managed and guided the direction of volunteers on social good projects.

9. Can you cook?

I'm not a five-star chef, but I have cooked for large groups and can create a good amount of dishes.

10. Do you have resources to support yourself while volunteering with us? Can you cover your food expenses?


11. Do you have any medical, physical, or psychological conditions or disabilities which may affect your ability to do physical work?


12. Do you have any emotional, psychological, or mental conditions which may affect your ability to act with composure and good judgment?


13. Please describe an example of conflict that you have seen in your life and how you dealt with it to solve it.

While living in a rundown area of Los Angeles, I witnessed a gunfight happen right outside my window. The next day, I posted signs offering free meditation and personal development classes all over the neighborhood, and invited strangers into my home in an attempt to begin to change the culture of the area.

14. Do you have strong ideological views (political, religious, elitist, feminist, etc.)?

I don't believe in any particular dogma, and think it is wise for each individual to closely examine all of their beliefs to determine what is most in alignment with what they feel is truly the best way for them to live harmoniously with the world around them. My personal philosophy is to use my energies to uplift those who need it most and treat others with respect.

15. Are you a team player - or someone who understands that the work we do at Factor e Farm is for a greater purpose than for self-gratification? This implies a level of maturity in the participant which allows one to remain not only aligned with the vision, but also to remain motivated in this work.

Yes. After developing several of my own projects, I understand how important it is to have everyone on the same page. I also have experienced cases where some volunteers seem to have the right intentions, but do not walk the walk, which ends up hurting rather than helping the cause overall. Having seen how frustrating this can be from the other side of the table, I would not have started filling out this application if I didn't fully intend on doing everything that is required of me. My objective is to work in such a way that at the end of my dedicated project visit, everyone I've collaborated with will unanimously feel that I was a man of my word and left the project better off than when I arrived.

16. Do you smoke?


17. Do you have any dietary restrictions? Will you eat meat raised at our farm?

The only thing I don't really eat is seafood. Everything else is fine with me.

18. Do you have transportation? Will you be arriving by car and leaving the car on-site?

I won't be bringing a vehicle; I originally planned on flying into the closest airport and figuring it out from there. I will have to work out these details when I have more information about what the best way will be to get to and from the site (bus/train/etc.?).

19. Please share three interesting things about yourself.

-I once walked away from a lucrative career as a civil engineer contrary to the opinions of nearly everyone I knew because I did not believe that the work I was doing was in alignment with my core values. -I hate to see people or other living creatures suffer. I feel a personal responsibility to help them. -I believe in random acts of kindness. I sometimes like to shovel snow off of the walkway in front of strangers' houses and leave before they know who did it.

20. Please share three things you think people should know about living with you.

-I believe in cleaning up after myself, keeping things neat, and leaving the place I'm staying better off than when I got there. -I enjoy peace and quiet most of the time. -I'm easygoing and let people do whatever makes them happy without judgment.

21. Can you bring a digital camera or smart phone for documenting your work?

Yes, I can bring a smartphone.

22. Any other concerns or considerations?