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Hi I'm Johan in Borlänge Sweden.
I work as a network and security consultant. I got in contact with Linux in school 1994 and have continued to use it ever since.
I have about 2KW solarcells-panels and some more to put up on the roof when I get the time. I used them with some old large scale 100Ah metallic NiCd batteries from manufacturer NIFE in Sweden. They are now for sale since I have acquired batteries from a crashed Nissan Leaf electric car to use them as energy-storage. I have collected plenty or mirrors to be redirect sunlight to some of the panels or for some future solar concentrator.

Bought an Ford transit connect electric (2011) or rather Azure Dynamics While still preparing the roof for the new panels. I have also started the test with a biogas system. Tested the gas first time yesterday but the concentration was a bit low and it burned but could not sustain the flame on its own yet. Today I will run the line to the biogas bag to be able to store it for a longer time.

Read some more about precision GPS and RTK and found Swiftnav with Piksi Multi.

Login and use E-mail this user in the toolbox to the left if you want to send me a message.
I would like to do some of the GVCS myself if I get the time to do it.
So if you live in Sweden and would like to help out or just chat please send me a message.