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CNC Router

CNC-Router with Power Supply and Driver Boards in Cube up to 4-Axis


This CNC Router was designed to shape styrofoam and, or wax, for Casting metal machine parts.

Parts Created by the CNC-Router, Blue parts are for the Router it's self, the Pink Part is a Transmission Case for a R/C Rock-Crawler Truck, and the Rectangle is a Completed Cast Aluminum Part


  • Lost Foam casting is by far the easiest type of casting for novist and expert alike
  • It was designed to be easily constructed and have up to four axis for complex parts
  • Parts can be scavenged from old dot matrix printers, scanners, and discarded storm windows
  • Some parts will have to be bought from hardware stores and electronics supply stores
  • It can also be considered to be a bootstrap machine that can shape parts to make itself stronger


  • The stepper motors were removed from three Dot Matrix printers and are "Unipolar" 5 or more wires
  • The power supply was removed from common desktop or tower PC 400 Watts is minimum for 3 Axis
  • The stepper motor drivers are "Linisteppers" Designed for Unipolar stepper moters and were bought as kits from:
[Link to Linistepper motor drivers]
  • However they are opensource and can be made at home if you have the skills. All files are linked on the Linistepper web page.
  • Unless you buy the breakout board advertised for the Linisteppers you will have to build your own and we will supply a schematic we used to build ours.


  • Eagle PCB Designing software:
 [Link to download Eagle PCB Layout editor]
  • LinuxCNC The CNC part to operate the CNC-Router
 [The link to LinuxCNC]

Metal Pieces