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@ a low impact community build in Dorset, England Summer 2009
I'm a certified permaculture designer, amateur hacker, and ecological economics student at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. I work for the Technology Policy and Assessment Center doing science, technology and innovation policy research. I have a diverse background of experience in biofuels, robotics and fabrication, cooperative management, farming, mycology, self-build housing, social justice activism, online collaboration, and geographic information systems (GIS). I have worked with social centers, small-holding farms and communes and artist/hacker collectives in the Southeast United States, England and Denmark.


  • Open Source Development
  • Open Source Hardware Licensing
  • Factor E Farm Site Plan
  • "Open Engineering Method Development, Collaboration Framework Development - The former is more technical in nature, the latter refers more to social technology - though both are social technologies. This is a big area - and refining methods for collaboration can be the subject of many Ph.D. theses. There is lots of work to be done. Sam is working on a database system applied to the GVCS. There are many platforms for this, and integrating them into a working package is the goal. Our work is challenging because it goes far beyond the encyclopedic throwdown of Wikipedia into actual production. "

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