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I have a master's degree in Biologies and Computational Neurosciences and i learned the trade of joiner/carpenter. In my spare time i love to tinker around with DIY- and Maker-projects, which are often direct or indirect related to green-energy and self-sufficiency. I am engaged in the OpenSourceEcology Germany Group and maintaining there three major projects (the UniversalPrototyping-Kit, the Zinc/Air FuelCell and the SolarBox) and some smaller ones.

I am also in the OSE Developer Team, see my log

List of websites:

Reference Description my Blog my Youtube-channel
OSE Germany OpenSourceEcology Germany
ZAC+ A Zinc/Air-fuell-cell for longterm energy storage
UniProKit OpenHardware Prototyping/Construction Kit
SolarBox SolarEnergy-Storage system based on LiFePo4-cells
CNC-Drilling-Machine cnc-mill with RAMPS and Powerlolu drivers
OHLOOM OpenHardware Loom
Solar Dryer Solar Dryer with hotair-collector
TempCTRL Arduino control device for my clay-wall-heating system
Polystyrene Recycling Jig for recycling polystyrene boxes