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See emailed application

1. Please list schools you have attended, degrees and/or major areas of study or training, and independent studies that you have done.
  • M.A. Energy and Environmental Economics, Boston University – 2009-2011
  • B.A. Environmental Analysis and Policy, Boston University – 2007-2009
  • Great Books Program, St. John’s College – 2005-2007
2. Please attach a resume or provide a list of work experience, both paid and volunteer.
  • See emailed application
3. Please provide 3 References with email and phone number - 2 work references, 1 personal reference
  • Happy to provide later upon request—would prefer to know you’re interested before I impose on their time, and so I can give them a heads-up closer to the actual time you would contact them.
4. How did you hear about the program? Why are you applying for a Dedicated Project Visit? Why are you interested in our work?
  • Initially heard about it via TED a number of months ago and was interested but not at a point when I could consider playing a role. As fate would have it though, I recently came across it again in the article published by MAKE magazine—which was the catalyst that inspired me to action.
5. Describe practical skills you may have - from agriculture, workshop, industry, organizing, hands-on, CAD, manufacturing, computer skills, etc.
  • Practical Skills
    • Agriculture: was raised in gardening family, many years experience with growing food and learning much about the science/chemistry behind optimal growth.
    • Woodworking: moderate skill, and eager to learn more—recently built compost bin and a boardwalk for a trail overtop a swamp
    • Cooking: have cooked most of my life. Can cook almost any recipe successfully and love doing it. Have built a fair-sized repertoire over the years.
    • Writing: spent childhood as a voracious reader, and dedicated much time in school toward developing my skills in writing. Style-wise, I try to focus on clarity, with a touch of levity here and there.
    • Modeling & Analysis: Spent much of undergrad and graduate education working on quantitative models and GIS/mapping applications. Would be happy to apply such skills if needed.
    • Ceramics: Not sure if applicable, but I have some knowledge and skill with shaping clay.
    • Workshop: not much unfortunately, but an area I have long been interested in, and one that I would be extremely passionate to learn more about.
  • Design/Art Skills:
    • Photography: passion of mine for more than a decade, skilled with both analog and digital technology.
    • Photoshop: over seven years experience, have spent time using almost all tools available in some capacity.
  • Computer Skills:
    • Excel: have spent years mastering it, and am familiar with its many ins-and-outs. See resume for more details regarding time spent with it.
    • Java: learned how to program with it last year, and became fairly proficient. Skills at it have atrophied somewhat due to lack of use, but could get back on board without too much trouble.
    • Circuitry: recently acquired an Arduino and have been playing around with it, but my skills and knowledge are limited in that department. Would love to learn more though.
6. Have you designed and built or produced anything for your own use?
  • In terms of wood-working, this past year I have designed and built my own raised garden beds, compost bin, trail boardwalk (through a swamp), and laptop stand.
  • I’ve also made myself a set of dishware from a few years spent studying ceramics
7. Which of your skills are particularly relevant towards creating the GVCS? Please view the TED Talk and recent update for the latest on our approach and on-the-ground work.
  • The skills that would be relevant depend on the role you most need filled. I would be happy to discuss this more.
8. Do you have any organizational skills and experience?
  • Yes. I am well experienced in scheduling and event planning, and am familiar with most tools used for that purpose.
9. Can you cook? Can you cover your food expenses?
  • Absolutely. I know a wide range of recipes by heart and can pretty much follow any other. My guacamole, while not worth dying for, has actually caused at least one fight.
10. Do you have resources to support yourself while volunteering with us?
  • Yes. I have all the funds, transportation, and even shelter, that I might need.
11. Do you have any medical, physical, or psychological conditions or disabilities which may affect your ability to do physical work?
  • No; I’m fit and healthy.
12. Do you have any emotional, psychological, or mental conditions which may affect your ability to act with composure and good judgment?
  • No. Clean bill of health.
13. Are you easy to get along with and can you get along with other people?
  • Definitely easy to get along with; happy to find a middle ground on conflicts that arise. Not the social center of a room, but am certainly amicable and enjoy shooting the breeze and learning about others.
14. Do you have strong ideological views (political, religious, elitist, feminist, etc.)?
  • Mostly moderate view on all of the above, and I certainly do not proselytize and generally do not judge others for differing belief—it takes all types to make the world turn.
15. Are you a team player - or someone who understands that the work we do at Factor e Farm is for a much greater purpose than for our own self-gratification, indulgence, or agenda? This implies a level of maturity in the participant which allows one to remain not only aligned with the vision, but also to remain motivated in this work.
  • Yes, I am a team player. Working with such a team towards the purpose of Factor e Farm’s mission is my driving motivation for signing on.
16. Do you smoke?
  • No, but I don’t condemn others for doing so.
17. Do you have any dietary restrictions? Will you eat meat raised at our farm?
  • None, and yes.
18. Do you have transportation? Will you be arriving by car and leaving the car on-site?
  • I do have a car, and will be happy to use it to help the project if it’s needed.
19. Documentation is key to moving our work forward. Are you familiar with using a Wiki?
  • Yes.
20. Can you work well as a pioneer under rough conditions, by taking the responsibility to create your own environment?
  • Yes, and I would be happy to do so.
22. If you are accepted and things don't work out, do you have other options to pursue after the month?
  • Yes—I can go back where I came from (with a heavy heart) and figure something else out.
23. Are you willing to publish all the results of your work openly, and to make any of your contributions open source, consistent with our goal of creating Distributive Enterprise?
  • Definitely.
24. How does your proposed work contribute to the creation of the GVCS?
  • I could help by documenting all the projects being currently undertaken. I can video-record as needed, update the wiki with relevant information and documents concerning the projects and the organization as a whole. I could prepare graphics and visualizations. I could conduct interviews and write press releases.
  • I could work assisting with financials and quantitative modeling as needed, as well as strategy or planning/organization. I could also help with whatever GIS/mapping needs you might have. If any of that sounds like something you could use help with, it would be easier to talk more about specifics via telephone, email or Skype.
  • I could serve as cook for the members of the Factor e Farm. I’m not sure if it is currently every man for them self or if everyone pools money for food, or something else, but if meals are collective, I could help prepare and plan them.
  • I could work as a farm helper, helpful hand to prototypers, or construction. Planting, harvesting, making, building—depends where I’m needed most.
25. What are the metrics by which you could assess the success of your work? (prototypes built, documentation produced, resources or funding raised, infrastructure built, food provided, contribution to the community provided, True Fans recruited, etc.) Note that we are looking more for tangible and explicit proposals and results as opposed to 'I will help with whatever is needed' or other generalizations - unless we agree otherwise.
  • While I did just generalize with my last bullet point in #24, I think my prior three proposals are fairly specific. The metric for success on any of the three would, naturally, vary greatly. Consequently, I would appreciate knowing which you were most interested in before detailing intended results
26. What do you expect personally to get out of your Dedicated Project Visit?
  • The chance to contribute to a project that could possibly change the world.
  • The feeling of gratification from working toward a fantastic dream.
  • Whatever knowledge/skills I can pick up from those around me.
  • Speaking and spending time with all the interesting people who have come to help make this a reality.
27. Can you visit us prior to your Dedicated Project Visit?
  • If it seemed likely I could join and help, then yes, I could likely make the time before my arrival to visit.
28. Please share three interesting things about yourself.
  • I lived at and served as a volunteer at Devils Tower National Monument for a summer; working with fascinating people and discovering a love for rock climbing.
  • I have a passion for analog photography, and the many technical intricacies involved with both the cameras and the darkroom.
  • I spent my first two years of college in a tiny 400 person school outside of Santa Fe living, breathing, studying and discussing the primary source works of history’s greatest thinkers.
29. Please share three things you think people should know about living with you.
  • I might resent you a bit if you snore.
  • I’m happy to make the meal, as long as you help with the dishes.
  • I love trying and exploring new things, so don’t hesitate to bring me along or introduce me to whatever.
30. Can you bring a digital camera or phone camera for documenting your work?
  • I can bring a digital camera, and/or Flip video recorder.
31. Any other concerns or considerations?
  • The only consideration I can think of is that since I’m so eager to help, the sooner you can respond, the better.